Wednesday, May 09, 2007

over the hump day

aka betmo's garbage day. i took my compost out and got the garbage bagged up- i recycle a lot less than i used to- due namely to the fact that i compost a heck of a lot more. not bad. i didn't do any yardwork so far this week- i have been ramming. i hate shopping and when i have to do it twice in one week- through no fault of my own- i get irritated. why did i have to go shopping? well, the usual fooding and whatnot- and this weekend is mother's day.

ordinarily, hubby and i don't do holidays. many american holidays are religious in nature and we don't take part- but for family- it's different. don't get me wrong- i feel that traditions at their best- are good links to our past and our history- and should be regarded as such. i try to honor my mother all year- as does my husband- but i think something a little special one day a year is fine. the problem lies in the expectation. our consumerist culture dictates that we go overboard for all of the holidays and spend, spend, spend! well, our families aren't like that.

no- we have a problem that is most likely not unique to us-- we all have TOO MUCH. the problem is- none of us know what to buy each other because we all have what we need and want. what do people like us do in a consumerist society? luckily, we get along just fine. a simple token gift with a card and a phone call- as his mom lives in florida- and that's all that's needed. probably just the call would be enough- but hey- she's worth it. i am glad that i have what i want and what i need- and am grateful for every single thing. as is the rest of the family. we are lucky and we know it.

so happy wednesday- hafta put out the garbage and eventually water the plants that are in the ground. enjoy the beautiful day!


dawn said...

God your always so busy. I have the mom who has everything I'm actually thinking flowers and dinner. You know I hate shopping to

betmo said...

my only slow time is january and february. those months drag. there is so much i want to get done- but i haven't gotten any cleaning or home improvement done yet and i haven't done all of the yardwork either. sigh. i wish i could clone me. hubby couldn't handle the strain. :)

Thorne said...

LOL. Hubby would definitely have his hands full!!!