Wednesday, May 09, 2007

making shit up again

guess the polls have finally hit home with the neo cons- i mean 28% is the lowest of the cheney administration. let me go on record as saying that i think that this whole alleged terror plot in new jersey is false. there are no terrorist cells here plotting to blow us up. it is a fear tactic that won't work anymore. if the fbi and the government would find folks who were more believable- maybe- but mentally ill folks and pizza shop owners do not terrorists make. hate media is promoting fear and trying to blame this on--- bill clinton-- again. yes, bill clinton. i am shocked that they waited 2 days instead of 2 hours to start blaming him for the fort dix six. they are calling these folks 'white al quaeda' because they aren't brown. sigh. these folks will now be put into the secret prison system without rights and most probably tortured- for poll ratings. that should make americans proud to be americans.


Peacechick Mary said...

For those guys to want to shoot soldiers at Fort Dix, they had to be a bit um, er shall we say, playful. That'd be like trying to break into a prison to rob it - that kind of thought process. I'm sure deep down, Bush admires them for their wild west macho spirit.

Coffee Messiah said...

Some more "smoke and mirrors" for those who refuse to believe the deceit by those perpetrating this war gone awry! ; (