Wednesday, May 02, 2007

i rest my case- as if...

it mattered. take a peek at bing's rant over at happy jihad's house of pancakes- there isn't anything i can add to that.


Bing said...

Thanks so much for linking to me. I appreciate it. Would you check back to the comments for that post? I have a question for you, oh Yoda mine.


DivaJood said...

Betmo, I'm not 100% in agreement. I think, perhaps, it's my own philosophy which borrows heavily from the Stoic philosophy (and I don't mean that dour kind of resignation, either.)

Stoic thought says we need the IDEA of God -- not the same thing as BELIEF -- lest we succumb to our own arrogance. We are not all powerful. However, with the idea of a higher power of some sort, we are responsible for our actions.

GOD didn't put guns in the hands of Cho. A gun dealer did it. GOD didn't fire the weapons. This highly disturbed young man did. God isn't the problem: ORGANIZED RELIGION, which preys on fear and control, is quite another matter.

I'll post this over at Bing's as well.

Chuck said...

Stopping in to say HI! And to let you know that we're still alive. :)

betmo said...

diva- i respect your beliefs. i don't agree with them though and that's fine. you are not a pushy convert kinda gal. the whole needing god thing hasn't worked for humans for thousands of years- i mean here we are. i think giving the other way a shot is not such a bad idea. if it doesn't work out, we can invent a new god. win-win. at the very least, it couldn't be any worse.

Sarah said...

We are all responsible for our actions, regardless of a belief in God or not. As somebody who does not worship, I have a responsibility to humanity and myself to be a good person and respect the rights of others.

As for that Mark Cahill guy? Asshat is the only word that comes to mind. Sorry, but I couldn't think of anything nicer. I agree with Bing's post one hundred percent!

Just the simple fact the Cahill would shove aside Liviu Librescu (the professor who sacrificed his life for his students) because he happens to be Jewish absolutely sickens me to the core. Mr. Librescu is a hero and did more in that one act than Cahill has probably done in his whole sorry life.

I dare Cahill to tell the families of the VT victims that their loved ones are suffering because they did not follow his f*cked up philosophy. I DARE him.

What sadistic version of God does this man worship? Only a sadistic person could worship a sadistic God, in my opinion.

Sarah said...

Oh, I have one more piece of "wisdom" from Cahill:

On his personal website, he says that God will take care of global warming because only he controls the universe! WOOHOO! I'm off to buy that new Hummer ; )

By the way, this guy has a business degree and played in the NBA. Yeah, he's the type of guy we should get our theology from!

DivaJood said...

Hey, Betmo - that's why they print menus in restaurants, right?

DivaJood said...

BTW, check out my post today - it clarifies a lot.