Wednesday, May 02, 2007


this is as close to the color as i can get- my iris are actually more of a brown but this texture and tone. i think i must have at least $10,000 worth of iris if it's what- 3 bucks a bulb or something? weeping jesus on the cross- i have an entire recycling bin of iris- that i divided and divided and divided. i also have heaping piles of daffodil, tulip and grape hyacinth bulbs. so much so- that i am going to make 2 bulb gardens at the fam's and one at my place- and then compost the rest because i can't give the shit away. i have decided that bulbs are like viruses- they multiply and spread and you can't really get rid of them. if bulbs were sentient beings, we'd all be toast.

i have also decided that i prefer house plants. i hate lawn grass with a passion- and ripping up clod after clod and then beating and shaking it with a pitchfork- only to have to put it in those craptastic lawn bags that break the instant you take them out of the box- well- put me down for house plants. sigh. i also got a bizarre sunburn on my arms. i had a long sleeved shirt on pulled up to my elbow- and work gloves- so guess where got the sunburn? i look like a freak. but- it is good exercise and i turned the soil over so the plants are happy. i chatted with 2 of my neighbors at both houses- and i got a shower. i will be sore tomorrow- but it's ok- tomorrow is laundry day :) friday is mow and attack yet another patch of grass to plant some bulbs.

today's take- 3 pink double peonies, 4 iris, 5 decrepit delphinium and 5 columbine. and 6 bags of grass clods. i cannot believe how many iris i have. then---- i took a walk to the backyard! the nice old lithuanian lady who lived there before i bought the house planted flowers on 3 sides of the house as well as in the middle of the side yard and the middle of the back yard. sigh. usually i am content to mow over and let the weeds take over- but there are actual beautiful flowers there for the taking- so i guess this is going to be an all summer project.

and no- i will not post the freakish sunburn thank you very much- i already provide enough fodder for amusement :)


Sarah said...

My mom has all pink flowers this year. The tulips she planted have been eaten by squirrels. I got her some solar lights for the garden, to be received on Mom's day : )

betmo said...

this year? you mean she does this regularly? is she insane? my back is killing me! :) i have brown and red and yellow mostly- except for the purple hyacinth. i haven't spent much in the line of plants- i just replant them from other spots in the yard. that old lady must have spent her checks on flowers. she ripped out my favs- lilac bushes. go figure.

Thorne said...

Oh, betmo!!! You are so lucky!! ALL THOSE BEAUTIFUL BULBS!!! *drool* I'll paypal you postage for as many as you'll send me... *doing my best to look waiflike with puppydog eyes*
Well. Okay, so I can't pull off waiflike! LOL! I made about 50 bulb baskets last year, but didn't get my bulbs in in time. I have a few glads and a couple bearded iris coming up, and maybe a couple lilies left... My achillea, allysium, yarrow, sage, mint, lemon balm, 3 asst lavender, 2 butterfly bushes and a red salvia all came back! I was worried after the hard freeze we had last winter. I haven't been in the yard or garden too much yet this year. Too wrapped up in preggers daughter and now baby, but I'm getting back in the swing. Good luck!! I'll be looking fwd to pics!

jams o donnell said...

My Irisises should be in flower fairly soon (the garden is way ahead of itself this year).

The highlights at the moment are the species Tree Paeony and the Abutilon.
Our ttree stocks are blooming nicely too - now that is a criminally neglected plant with a delightful scent

jams o donnell said...

Corection! My first beearded Iris is in bloom. Will be posting pics in teh usual places shortly!

Sornie said...

We have just the opposite problem -- bulbs hate us. We planted about 50 tulips only to have half grow and they look simply pathetic and I followed Mom's instructions on how/when/where to plant them and she's never once been wrong (or so she says). Maybe you could e-mail me a grocery bag of various bulbs.