Tuesday, May 01, 2007

warning: i'm in a mood

i think it might be the weather. yesterday was gorgeous- warm and sunny and breezy. i got my gignatuan iris dug up and some hedge roses replanted. today- not so much. gray and gloomy and overcast. sigh. so i have my panties in a bunch over a variety of things. i have spent part of my day tooling around different blogs. i like all of the bloggers i read for the most part- although i do not agree with them all of the time.

so- here goes my rant. one blogger was extolling the virtues and failings of the left in regards to christianity. this particular blogger is a christian and thinks that we on the left have really gone too far in many ways against christianity in this country as a backlash against the right. we shouldn't rely solely on ourselves. uh huh. whatever. if you are christian- more power to ya. i don't have to understand why you believe in mythology and fairy tales and you don't have to understand why i am so disgusted that you do. live and let live or so the first amendment used to say. the blogger went on to write about how it is ok on the left for people of different colors to worship openly and of different faiths- but let a white christian in america do it- and we are all over them like bees on honey (to put it nicely). perhaps that is true. i can only speak from my own perspective- and it is pity for people who still cling to outmoded claptrap sold to them by snakeoil salesmen out to make a buck. period. i don't care if you are muslim, jewish, christian, hindu or whatever. i don't care if you are blue, purple, green or pink. it is all bullshit people. believe what you want- just don't try and force your moral code on me. i follow my own.

the other rant i am on- i guess it is somewhat related in a way- is about morality. it is an overgeneralization so bear with me. i have seen this here in my own area and i am pissed beyond belief at this moment- so again, bear with me. whew. took a breath. most know i am from upstate new york- where the summers are beautiful and the economy is stagnant. it is probably a decent microcosm for most of the more rural sections of the country in that- manufacturing was king here- and we had a lot of it. endicott-johnson shoes were born here as was IBM. had quite a few companies here in this area's heyday and folks here got used to a certain standard of living. well- jobs have hemorrhaged away and so has the population. i can understand folks want to keep decent paying jobs to raise a family and blah blah blah. my point- ah yes- well we have lockheed martin here and we make helicopters for bushie baby. yes, copters for the prez and the military- we got the contract last time. you would have thought we found a cure for cancer here. i read another blogger whose spouse has fought diligently with others in minnesota to stop the making of depleted uranium bombs- and the company is planning to move now. well, the town where they want to move- says it doesn't give a shit what the company does as long as it's up to code. so- let me get this straight- we are willing to sell our soul to the devil for a fucking pay check.

apparently, we here in america are not aware that this country was founded on making our own way and integrity and what not. we are currently willing to prostitute ourselves to the highest corporate bidder in order to keep the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed. to which WE have become accustomed. so it is perfectly ok- to bitch and bemoan the state of affairs around the world and then get into the car and drive to work at lockheed martin or alliant technologies and punch the fucking time clock.

no wonder we are the world's joke. day after day of corruption scandals at every level of government- and no one held accountable. now, i know why. can't very well hold these folks accountable when we have our hand in the same cookie jar now can we?


Peacechick Mary said...

I've been in a "mood" all day. I don't like it, but Bush is in the area and it always makes me feel weird, twisted and grouchy.

betmo said...

well, at least it hasn't morphed into mad as hell! i have a feeling you are that too!

WeezieLou said...

i like your rants-of-the-day! i also hate when someone else's religious and moral beliefs are used to shame me and mine. Especially regarding the war. i can get so into an argument with some cowpoke (i'm in texas, but was a long islander) who thinks iraq is a righteous fight. i always say something like "i notice you're here and not fighting over there". and other such things that make me so many "good" friends!
(louise from PT)

JollyRoger said...

Here's how it is. No arguments need to be made against my point, because those arguments are false.

If you are a wingnut and you call yourself a "Christian," you have adopted a philosophy about 180 degrees away from the recorded philosophy of Jesus Christ. You are not a Christian-you are a Jesusistani. There is a difference, and we understand the difference, and we realize that Jesusistanis are to Christianity what Osama is to Islam. You, and your arguments, are dismissed.

Intrepidflame said...


You remind me so much of myself. We share many similar views, and that is why whenever I read a good book I think of you. I have another one for you. I know you will love this one. I am currently reading it and am only on page 60 something, but I know it is up your alley.It is called The End of Faith by Sam Harris. Do the research and get your hands on this book. He articulates are distaste for faith in a very funny, smart, and easy to understand way. Trust me...buy this book!

As for you second point about the US being a joke and crumbling from within...the final days of empire are never pretty.

betmo said...

bz- how about 'god is not right' by christopher hitchens? i haven't read it but i think that sounds good too. :)

Sarah said...

I'd avoid Sam Harris. He is a vocal supporter of the "war on terror" and he thinks torture of prisoners is A-OK. This is due to his feelings on Islam in general. Mr. Harris refuses to separate fundamentalists from liberal and/or moderate religions believers.

Maybe Richard Dawkins? He's pretty low key while still being quite the attack dog ; )

As for religious belief, we live in a society where a good majority of people believe in things that you and me see as false and/or silly. However, our opinions are seen as attacks on their beliefs. Calling these people delusional and idiotic isn't right, because most likely they share many of the same goals we do, such as separation of church and state. We have to put faith and personal belief aside in order to accomplish much more important goals. The left cannot be dominated by a hatred of religion - this is why we lose votes to the conservatives.

As I said on my blog, picking on a majority of Christians (Muslims, Jews, whatever faith) for the faults of the radical few is morally wrong.

Quaker Dave had a great post about this topic during the Blog Against Theocracy.

betmo said...

sarah honey- i hear what you are saying- but i am not in a conciliatory mood. i respect anyone's right to practice whatever religion that they want- so long as they keep it to themselves. and- i reserve the right to feel contempt.

Sarah said...

You have the right to feel any way you want - emotions are definitely human and it would be weird if we didn't have 'em!

I'm just feeling too nice right now. But catch me tomorrow, it could be completely different ; )

Thorne said...

(((betmo))) I felt much the same when I saw that crap quoted extensively at a regular read. I got my panties in a wad, too. I was getting all geared up to comment about what a bunch of bullshit it was, and how I was actually offended to see it where it was, (being an equal opportunity anti-fundi; I could give a shit what brand of fundi you are... a fundi is a fundi is a fundi) when I realized it wasn't worth my breath, and I recalled a paragraph I clipped today from a commenter at another site:

The voice of moderation is always drowned out by the din and screech of the right-fighting zealots on all sides and there are never any winners. And all that gives us reason to wake up in the morning, like love, and kindness, and goodness, and generosity and decency, and respect, are flung out the window in these battles. And in the end humanity is diminished, because neither side contributes anything of value. It's all about selfishness, ego, vanity, pride, arrogance, hatred, cruelty, power, but most of all, the need to be right and to force one's opponent to acknowledge it. "What a piece of work is man ....." . I'm tired and a tad jaded tonight!

and I thought, "oh she's right. I think I'll let this bit of Immoderate bla-bla-bla, go... Let him have his "Wahhhh" and maybe we should offer a bit of well aged cheese (american style?? *snark*) to go with that whine...

Brother Tim said...

I fully understand your frustration of religious zealots. However, as Jollyroger pointed out, just because someone identifies themself as Christian, does not make it an undisputed fact. True Christians are those that follow and adhere to the teachings of Jesus. This does NOT include the likes of Dobson, Robertson, Falwell, et al. Jesus, Himself said, "You shall know them by their fruits"

Sarah also made a good point. Hating and denigrating people and things of faith, is counter-productive to a peaceful and harmonic life.

And lastly, having the right to feel contempt is something everyone has, but contempt is a negative emotion. I know that, as I grapple with that demon on a daily basis. Although I realize you don't put much merit in prayer, I will continue to keep you in mine. (It can't hurt) Peace and Grace to you, my friend.

Laurie said...

Aw, Betmo--sorry to hear about your day. (I think we've all been having them lately.) Hoping for better weather for you tomorrow...

sumo said...

I assume you showed great restraint by not making your feelings known on that person's blog...and instead wrote about it here. That's the flavor I got anyway. It's hard I know...I just move on myself.

Spadoman said...

"I'm on the side of those polar bears"

These are words of a song sung by Phranc, a folk singer who is singing about some kids that broke into the zoo at Central Park many years ago. They provoked the ploar bears and the bears killed them. Then the authorities offed the bears, saying they needed to be put down because they have tasted human blood. Phranc sided with the bears.

The mainstream American is a polar bear. The influences by those that force their religion down your throat are the kids. We must suffer because they seem to make people believe they are on the side of god. If we lash out, we are considered against god and therefore bad.

I've known Betmo for quite some time and I've never heard her waver from the simple "live and let live" philosophy. Do what you want, but don't try to make me do it and don't try to make me bad because I don't do it like you do.

It's no mood. It's frustration with those that profess they are holier than thou because they follow an organized doctrine and you don't.

I'm on the side of the Betmo's out there.

Sarah said...

I don't know Betmo personally, just through blogging. But I will always be on her side, no matter what. I can't think of one thing she has said that I have really disagreed with! Believe me, I cannot stand fundamentalists of any faith or philosophy. The frustration of these individuals trying to stamp their beliefs on others is extremely tiresome.

Love ya Betmo!

: )