Friday, May 25, 2007

huh- for once i agree with trump

sorry about the quality- it was the only one i could find.


dawn said...

I can't play this at work and I wanted to

SadButTrue said...

He is obnoxious, as is his show. I have watched it, and to think that this is the way a corporate executive office functions is frightening. Unfortunately my experience working for corporations informs me that it is actually worse in real life, with the person who screws up a project usually getting rewarded for finding a scapegoat. Like Trump's show, a constant blame game.

C-dell said...

I don't know how I fell about trump. I don't really get into the celebrity thing that often. About the last comment you left on my site I do not think that is asking to much of america. In fact its what I am working and striving for.