Saturday, May 26, 2007

the time is now to stop pretending

memorial weekend is a good time to stop and reflect. think about the sacrifices that men and women throughout our history have made in order to safeguard our democracy. we need to stop pretending that we still have one. it is an insult to all of the people who have gone before us. we who lean left accuse the right of not living in the real world- well, we aren't either. we continue to keep up the pretense that the american constitution is still intact and in place- and that the right wing rhetoric spewing mouth breathers like hannity, o'reilly and hasselbeck- have anything credible to say. of course the same could be said for reid, pelosi and murtha right about now.

here's the deal- it is my belief that as long as we no longer have a constitution, i don't have to be tolerant. there is absolutely no reason to put creationists and bigots on the same platform as progressives and people with actual intelligence. if we continue to be tolerant, we will not be able to save what is left of america. why did i single out creationists? they are part of the movement to dumb us all down. don't take my world for it- read here.

so- my point is this- regular folks are beginning to feel the crunch of our new america. it isn't about inconvenience at the airport anymore. wake up and smell the coffee folks- the internet is wired up to the government snoops; cell phones and land lines too. your mail can be searched; your library card researched. credit card receipts, electric bills, bank records- all open at any time to the feds. the media is complicit but so are we. we stand idly by and let these people take equal stage time. these hate spewing mouth breathers openly lie and distort the facts daily on our 'news' shows and in our 'news' papers- and we continue to subscribe and continue to watch. we continue with our 'live and let live' mantra while they are eroding and taking away our way of life. the tolerant- 'this is what america stands for' attitude is really just complicity in the funeral and burial of our constitution. we tried the old way- and elected what has essentially amounted to nothing- and voted- to no avail. anyone who has listened to the right- and their fearless leader- the liar in chief- can see that absolutely nothing has changed.

no one has been held accountable- we are essentially 'waiting this out' until 2008. fuck that noise! take back your neighborhood! take back your piece of the world! confront these people and challenge them! make them defend their feeble position and make them worry. if we want our constitution- and most say that they do- put your money where your mouth is and stop being a spectator in life. bullies back down when challenged. don't roll over and accept the -oh well they are entitled to their belief system- it is destroying our country.


bluegrrrrl said...

nicely done, betmo! i'm not waiting till 2008. i want my constitution back now.

just me said...

I see I have been placed in the category of the regular folks, as opposed to the irregular folks. Thank God for fiber-all...(I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.)

This is going to take a lot more than letter writing and blogging. This is gonna mean hitting the streets, sign waving, protesting every appearance the President makes. Not just a few hundred, thousands, tens of thousands. It obivious we can not rely on elected officials. so, it is up to us.

alaskababy said...

Good one betmo, I agree... waiting it out is ridiculous. And god knows what manner of monster will step into the oval office next term. It literally could get worse...

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

A lot to think about, b. we all have every cause to be concerned. they do it little by little so we don't notice.

remember how the unowhat hit the fan the first time gas prices were this high?

not too many are complaining now because we are used to it.

It's scary, it really is. I wonder if someone said something to Carter to make him back down. I do continue to have faith that good will prevail even though it is particularly hard right now.

thanks for continuing to do what you do.

DivaJood said...

Last night, I was at the opening meeting of the SouthBay Roundup for AA & Alanon. The opening meeting starts with a flag ceremony, and all the Roundup Flags, and AA/Alanon Meeting Flags are brought in.

But first, but first: A Marine Color Guard comes in with the American & Marine flags - as they were being introduced, the speaker first called for a moment of silence for a soldier who had been ambushed and killed in Iraq this week. The soldier was in AA, as is his mom, and his sister in Alanon. Mom and sister were at the meeting - the sister is co-chair of the Alateen meetings this weekend.

The speaker politicized his comments, and the room divided with a gasp. Those for the war, and those of us opposed to this administration and all of its illegal activities were suddenly polorized in what is supposed to be a safe haven.

In came the Marines. After their presentation, the speaker then brought two of them back onto the podium. One is retiring in two weeks after 27 years in the Marines. The other leaves for Iraq for his third tour there, also in two weeks. These two men have come to the roundup every year for the last 11 years; and again, the speaker politicized it, dividing the group.

AA is a safe haven, which is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics or creed. We are not supposed to endorse or lend the AA name to any outside issue, and here an outside issue was brought into our rooms.

What does this have to do with our Constitution? Everything, and nothing. We have no safe home, any of us. And if we continue to keep silent then we are fucked.

After the flag ceremony, several of us were in the hall - and one guy, 35 years sober, said "Isn't this all a violation of the Traditions?" I agreed. And guess what? We were told not to enter into a controversy - we were told to accept what is termed Pluralistic Ignorance, which is also how our Constitution got shredded.

Good one, Betmo.

Dizzy Dezzi said...

Nice job, betmo. I couldn't agree more.

Chuck said...

Well said Betmo. THANKS for being here! People like you are the ones that keep people like me going.


Pam said...

FANTASTIC post Betmo. Too many people tell me to just chill out and wait until 2008. That there's nothing that can be done until then.

Well my reply next time will be fuck that noise!! And a link to THIS POST!!