Saturday, March 03, 2007

not fishing

for compliments- really i wasn't. i do want to thank my loyal readers for stroking my ego quite a bit though :) i can't quit altogether- even with a double dawg dare! i just think that there are many more talented folks out there who write what i am thinking or feeling or researching- much better than i ever could. i am re-evaluating which path i am going to take next in my journey- so i tweak things here and there. i can't answer to what the future holds for this country or even this planet. i do know that we tend to take things for granted here in the land of plenty- and there is much work to be done to save the environment. no- tua- i don't think gore is too zealous in his fight to save the planet- he has been consistent for at least 30 years. i look at the bigger picture and see that people just don't want to change- period. it doesn't have to be instantaneous- but it should be incremental. we can save the planet and the economy- look at what good came of the fight to save the ozone layer- and at a relatively small cost to the way we do things. pumps instead of aerosol cans. big deal. better fridges and freezers- big deal. it can be done- it is just greed holding us back in the corporate world and laziness holding us back in daily life. if you don't put effort into your life, what is the point? going to work and coming home isn't much of a life. you can plan home improvement projects or vacations- you can plan ways to incorporate saving the planet into your daily life. please.

it isn't just saving the planet for america either- it is looking to africa and south america and the rest of the world. not in the imperialist sense either. we used to export our doctors and scientists and young people who studied abroad and this helped to show that america was free AND benevolent. now, we export corporate greed and war and expect to be met with open arms for exploiting the planet. i can see why some other countries in the world- who used to be our friends- would get their panties in a bunch. it isn't exclusively an american problem either- the entire western world needs to have a complete makeover. the image needs to be upgraded because we, as the western world, can't sink much lower. we can do it- we just have to be willing. we have to stop looking at things in extremes- where we are always right and the rest of the world needs to put up and shut up. we don't have to give away the farm- but some real compassion and not just empty words would go a long way towards fixing things. hopefully, i will live to see this happen.


shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Glad you're sticking around b. I hope you're having a great weekend. Talked to a friend up there who said it warmed up a little.

Hope you are enjoying the weather.


Peacechick Mary said...

I'm thinking of the wee little babe just born today, barely able to open her eyes. What we do today, might make a peaceful world for her and she has no idea how hard we are working for it. Good anonymous feeling. And, we need each other - beacons of light in the gloom.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I think a lot of folks get discouraged, and just give up, when they try so diligently to take care of the planet year around, then they read of some corporation who dumps more pollution into the air in one day than they prevented in a year. Everybody's going to have to be onboard this ship or it's going to sink.