Saturday, March 03, 2007

hate speech continues

i am hoping that enough folks in this country get sick of hearing negative poisonous words coming from fellow citizens- that it stops. i hope that folks will start taking spocko's approach and we can start an anti-hate in the media revolution. we need to stop the hate speak against same sex couples, people of different races than Caucasian, and women. spocko took on melanie morgan and her crew- and it has had an effect- in that many corporate sponsors have pulled out of advertising for the show. perhaps we can do the same thing against the ann coulters and michael savages and pretty much any pundit on the faux news network. if you would care to watch ann's latest classy rant, you can watch it here. unfortunately, edwards can't seem to pass up the opportunity to fundraise- but you can ignore that if you want. the racism and sexism and homophobia is just old. if nothing else, it just proves that these kinds of people are not the type of people to lead this nation further into the 21st century. they are just not socially mature enough.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I share your hope. I don't see it happening real soon, seeing as how hate is being preached from the white house pulpit as something blessed by God!...(:

Undeniable Liberal said...

The "liberal media's" response to Reich-Wing blowhard Ann Coulter ? (silence)

Alec said...

As far as homophobia goes, at least, this is remarkable progress in a very short period of time. Seven years ago I doubt anyone would have blinked at Coulter's comments (while rightly condemning her take on 9/11 widows). What I found disturbing about the Coulter "joke" was the applause that followed it.