Sunday, March 04, 2007

i can't wait

i want everyone to know about my find! i have been researching biodegradable cleaning products and what not- yes- exciting on a saturday night but it's actually more interesting than what's on the history channel right now- 'the history of sex.' anyhoo- i wanted to put my money behind products that were environmentally friendly, affordable, and available in my area. i have succeeded. method products can be found at my favorite store- target! the laundry detergent is $8.oo for 32 loads- but that will last me at least a month. phosphate free and biodegradable- sure beats creating algae bloom in our water supplies.

addendum: when i said that that amount of laundry soap would last a month- i was tired and delusional. i average 2 loads a week.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

It's actually more interesting than what's on the history channel right now- 'the history of sex
Let's not get carried away with ourselves here, Lady!:)

Your post came at an interesting time for me. I was recently "recruited" to be the flunkie for a discussion led by my wife, for a group of H.S. seniors. The topic was "Organic Alternatives." The discussion group was informal, a "community service" type thing on her part, and attendance was purely optional. Local H.S.'s around the area periodically invite scientists in different disciplines from the college, to speak. Here are some of the questions I heard:

How come fertilizing our crops so they grow better, is being called bad? What is algae? Why is it bad? What does Biodegradable mean? If you pour motor oil into the ground, is it really as bad as they say it is? For the most part, these were intelligent sounding kids. They just had no clue. Therein, I believe, lies our greatest danger. A lack of true education.

And neither of us needs to tell the other, who's fighting tooth and nail to keep that education so lacking, , do we.(:

QUASAR9 said...

Good on ya Betmo
I often wonder what is going on with all these soap powders
they seem to make labels more confusing rather than easier to know which one is less harmful to the environment -
and still doesn't make your coplours fade, keeping them bright
and makes whites whiter than white

Thanks for the tip!

Peacechick Mary said...

Thanks for the laundry tip. As for sex, it's amazing that every young couple who first finds love/lust thinks they invented it.

No said...

Ya got me on the sex talk, Betmo..of course...even I was bored by that History Channel's version of that's boring!

From sex to biodegradeable cleaning products? There has got to be a happy medium, don't you think?

AlaskaBaby said...

Cool, thx Betmo. Sunday's my shopping day, low crowd levels w/all the mormons "keeping the sabbath day holy". I'm gonna swing by Target and check those products out.

betmo said...

i am actually impressed that you have a target in mormon country :) it is the devil's workshop- while wal-mart is god's playground. or is that nascar :)

Truth-Pain said...

I work for a an organization that is socialist-left as far as what the mission of the company reflects. As Operations Manager responsible for the physical care of thousands of rental units in California, I have done plenty of "green initiative" studies to begin the practical use of bio-degradable products and other "green" building materials into our daily operations and construction use. We've even put our money were our mouth is. We've hired consultants, chemists and researched the available brands at length. I would tell you what our research has found,... but I doubt anybody would want to hear it. Like a lot of things in life, you can take any opinion, buttress it with the million facts/fiction available on the web and form a coherent argument for it. This is not a rebuke to the moral obligation of being a responsible citizen and caring for our planet, merely an observation as to how this topic is filled with hyperbole en ambigious facts. When any person impales themselves to the idea of saving or helping the environment, they take any tossed-about fact written on labels or marketing and inhale it as gospel. They want to believe in it so much that they close their eyes to opposing or maybe parallel points not in lock-step with their beliefs.

I believe we should all be responsible for eliminating land-fill needs, for manufacturing bio-degradable products, for leaving a better Earth behind when we die than when we were born. I also believe that there is another side to that coin, whereas plenty of the climate changes are part of a cycle the world has naturally gone through for millions of years. I've read 3 books on this alone as part of my work research. I won't say which ones so as to de-politicize my points.
Good post.

Truth-Pain said...

Stay away from Method's "blue" glass cleaner. It's useless :)

Renegade Eye said...

I like the fair trade coffee. I'm a coffee house guy, as opposed to a tavern guy.

C-dell said...

As a History Major I have the all of the older shows. That is an old one, but very good.