Friday, March 02, 2007

open thread friday

i have thought quite a bit about not posting anymore and just reading folks' blogs- because there are so many people who say what i want to say only better. i read the book and watched the dvd of 'an inconvenient truth' over the last couple of days- and i have to say that, while there were many things i took from the amount of research done, the single biggest thing i identified with was al gore's frustration at people not getting it. their refusal to believe or their paralytic fear of the ramifications of believing that, like it or not, we are destroying ourselves. you really don't have to take gore's word for it- i believe it is something many of us on the planet know intuitively. you can see what we will reap after sowing greed, war, misery, poverty and so on to less fortunate parts of the planet. you see there is a segment of the west who thinks they are smart to move their businesses to less environmentally strict countries. well, the laugh is on them because no amount of money will buy back a ruined planet. this isn't a purely natural phenomenon. if you believe the bush propaganda then please don't bother to comment because i don't want to hear it. there is no fair and balanced with this one here- i am going to do what i can to save my planet in spite of you. just be kind enough to stay out of my way and at least try to have less of a negative impact on the planet.

i used to wonder here how we, as americans, got to this place. this place of absolute power and imperialism has taken hold. we have had many conversations about the state of the population as a whole and how feelingless and greedy people in daily life have become. how we are so willing to settle for mediocrity instead of striving for the best. we have become a more self serving, narcissistic nation as a whole- and some folks link that to patriotism. it isn't patriotic to be ignorant. just thought i would say that out loud. how did we get this way? and what impact will it have on the planet? no one can say for sure but these 2 gentleman paint a picture far better than i can. please take a moment to read the links.

addendum: there is speculation that al gore isn't living completely green. come on people- would he be putting himself out there without his ducks in a row? the group that is decrying his utilities and what not has ties to rush limbaugh and is a group that is anti-environmental. go figure.


dawn said...

You have to blog because what else would I do. Even though I don't always agree with you, I appreciate your thought and I love your style of writting, besides who else would post a pic of Tyson
Love ya
I will be seeing that movie an inconvient truth on March 11, there putting it on cable and I'll let you know what I think

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

hey b,

first, please do not stop blogging. you are the most dedicated blogger I know! the blogosphere is a much better place because you're in it.

second, yes, I too wonder how enough of us allowed our country to get where we are. the good news is that more people are coming around. the bad news is it is thousands of lives and 4 years too late. but if we focus on the bad, and not the good, then I think we will lose our will to change the world for the better.

And that is the main reason why, my friende, you should keep blogging.

have a great weekend,

Time said...

Don't stop writing! What will I read? I should write more often, but I enjoy reading other's words more than my own. I'll try to write more, just don't stop your daily posts!

BBC said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I'm sure I would agree with it. Interesting though that Al Gore doesn't live what he preaches.

I am only one person, I can only do so much, I've gone back to the simple life that I've always loved.

Besides, it's against the law to shoot those that are harming things, or I would be very tempted to do that.

betmo said...

fyi- the group that is saying that gore doesn't practice what he preaches-

is a right wing conservative group with anti-environmental ties.

pissed off patricia said...

It has also been shown that gore spends more because he buys green energy which is more expensive.

No one in their right mind would think seriously that he would be two faced on this issue.

Peacechick Mary said...

Just having you here posting makes a difference to so many of us who if it were not for the left bloggers would feel all alone and think we have gone crazy for thinking the way we do. Maybe blog only a couple of times a week if you need a break, but don't leave us!

betmo said...

i could never leave completely- the right would think that they won :) just some changes here and i wanted everyone to know about all of the ultra talented folks who are out there using their words to make a difference. i intend to highlight more of them. there wouldn't be a strong progressive movement without the sense of community among left leaning bloggers. we must work to save our planet. it is urgent.

jovial_cynic said...

"i used to wonder here how we, as americans, got to this place. this place of absolute power and imperialism has taken hold."

My opinion? The belief in moral superiority. Christian as I am, and bible-believing as I am, I think that modern western christianity and the belief that GOP-aligned Christian Coalition is morally right on all matters is the cause of a lot of the majority of these problems, and the mindset spreads even to the non-religious community.

Here's how it breaks down:

church: we are morally correct.
GOP: we align with the church.
church: GOP is morally correct.
GOP: we are pro-nationalism.
church: pro-nationalism is morally correct.
nationalists: we are morally correct.

... and on and on it goes. Feels a bit like the Roman empire, really. Just get the Pope or closest bishop to sign on, and you're golden. Push any agenda you want, and feel holy to boot.

sick sick sick.

betmo said...

just a smidge of independent abstract thought would be nice. i won't get into my thoughts on belief in organized religions of any kind.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

You will do as you wish regarding your blog of course, but I suspect you may find your frustration level even higher were you to stop completely. That's one major reason I write over such a wide range. My blog is a release for ME, and if "you" like it also, that's gravy.:) Blogging keeps me from throwing coffee cups through my TV, which I actually did once.

Al Gore, the planet, etc. etc. Whether it be Al Gore that leads the charge that saves our planet, or a newly found Jimmy Hoffa, this much will be the same: It must be in moderation, and considerate of effects outside it's range. In other words, stopping all car production would really help the globe, but it really wouldn't be too bright. Gore's almost fanaticism with the subject bothers me greatly. I'm not at all convinced he can see all the picture. We've had enough single focus fanatics, haven't we, regardless the subject!

C-dell said...

I would really not like it if you stopped posting. I really enjoy. I know I haven't posted, but I will have a new one up soon.

Coffee Messiah said...

I've found that living where I am, after leaving the west coast, being able to see/read what others are thinking is a good thing, even if we do not agree. Which is as it should be. Since the media is letting us down, here is where those that what more information can go, to be lead where we may not go on our own.

Sometimes there's not a chance to leave a comment, but I too, read you often, and Thank You for your posts! ; )

Spadoman said...

Always here wanting to read what you have to say.

Fuzzylogic said...

I haven't seen the movie yet but I sure will cause I feel strongly about this cause as well.Your post has made me all the more keen.You have a wonderful way of putting things in the right perspective.I do hope you continue to blog!

landsker said...

Betmo,Maybe I`m presuming, but I reckon that like most of us, you will not stop blogging until the last slimy murderous politician is locked in jail.
Until the last missile is dismantled,until the last warplane is crushed into scrapmetal, until the last soldier salutes the flag for the last time...

Undeniable Liberal said...

Well said, Betmo, as always.

Obob said...

I double dog dare you to stop blogging