Tuesday, January 09, 2007

thought for tuesday

i have been reading 'the broken branch' lately- well, i can't read much in one sitting so it is taking me awhile to get through. norm ornstein and thomas mann have worked with congress since the 1960's- and in their estimation the republican led congress was the worst in us history. no kidding. i did find out that dohs is essentially useless. it has no direction and no leadership in part because it is so big and because congress up to this point has not appropriated anything other than money. i can only hope that people are patient enough not to vote for republicans for a very long time. that is not giving the democrats a free pass. i hope that people will hold these current folks accountable. i would love to see third party accountability- and i think that we should work towards it- but in the meantime- we have to keep these people out of office. it is the ideology that is wrong for america- and the world. there is more than enough proof out there to back up my claim- not seeing it means that you are choosing to believe in a system that is bankrupting america financially and morally.

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Undeniable Liberal said...

Gore/Kucinich '08! Yeah, yeah, I'm a dreamer.