Tuesday, January 09, 2007

one war is just not enough

well, it didn't take long for the right to start in with the sour grapes- oh wait- the smearing never did stop did it? looks like the cheney/bush cabal cares enough about iraq and somalia to send the very best- more of our troops that is. that's right. apparently, we bombed the crap out of somalia because al quaida forces were there. hmmm.... where have i heard that before? did they use the same intelligence? you know- the one that can't figure out where a peculiar odor in new jersey is coming from? not to stop there- but i was talking to my mom and we discovered that america is either directly responsible for or actively assisting in stirring up shit on almost every continent. i'll bet cheney jigs in the white house in his spare time.

the good news is- some of the right is coming to its senses and realizing what is happening- namely that the neo cons are ruining america and generally screwing things up on the rest of the planet too. these folks- gasp dare i say it- have some shreds of decencey and integrity left and genuinely want to do the right things for america- thanks susan collins and olympia snowe of maine.

the bad news is- cheney still has 2 years left in office to continue his raping and pillaging of america and the planet in the name of profits and absolute power. the sad thing is that the republican party allowed themselves to be hijacked by people who have no moral compass; who lie, cheat and steal; and who are corrupt on levels never seen before. i am glad for the rubber stamp to be gone for them but let's not be fooled into a false sense of security. the executive branch is separate from the legislative branch. the congress can only do so much to check this out of control president who would be king. we must be patient and keep ourselves focused that there is much work to be done. we have to expand our lead in the legislature and retake the executive. the judicial- well, there is hope.


Undeniable Liberal said...

Knowing the importance of Somalia's location in relation to the Persian gulf that Iran will surely block 40% of the world's oil from being transported, I have a BAAAAAAAD feeling about this.

landsker said...

Somalia----Darfur---Sudan.. Google those names with the following...Oil reserves, Natural gas, bauxite, gypsum. The list goes on.
The "Oil Basin" may be somewhat larger than that of Saudi Arabia.
However,the game will only continue as long as the american military supports the oil compainies.