Tuesday, January 09, 2007

our very own spocko

anyone who ever read spocko's brain knew that he was fighting to take down one segment of hate radio- melanie morgan and brian sussman to be exact. their show was on ksfo out of san francisco and was run through abc. well, i won't go into the whole sordid affair- media matters gives a synopsis and does it better than i. i just want to go on record as saying- thank you spocko. you are proof that one person can make a difference even in the face of adversity. fight the good fight and know that i, for one, am behind you all the way!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Sadly, he's proof of what happens to real hero's...(:

SadButTrue said...

Spocko's back up and in fine form. :)

Jump to the Left said...

Go, spocko!!

Spocko rocks.