Sunday, October 29, 2006

vote- 9 days

thanks to glenda


Renegade Eye said...

This is only part of the story. During WWII there was the Smith Act against antiwar activists, then we jump to the McCarthy Era, then CIA spying on US citizens during the Vietnam war (I got my picture in Life Magazine over that), then Watergate and Iran-Contra, followed by Clinton's repressive legislation after the OK bombing, now the Bush programs against the Bill of Rights etc. The problem has been both parties.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

R.E.: You give an accurate snapshot. It's unusual, as well as extremely refreshing, to find someone who looks at the bottom line instead of the party line.

Sarah said...

When it comes to voting, Americans don't have a lot of options. Third parties generally have no power and little chance of getting elected to a higher office. In most cases, you have to vote for the "lesser evil," or use your vote on a third party that doesn't have much of a chance.

Sewmouse said...

While it is true that the Democratic party has a bad record as well, one must first look at which is the MOST oppressive - and I have to say that working against the Constitution of the United States (something Shrubby has TWICE SWORN to PROTECT AND DEFEND) - is of a magnitude that cannot compare to such trivia as Watergate.

I'm sorry, RE - but the need for congressional oversight of the Executive Branch, not congressional rubberstamping of anything the Executive Branch dreams up - is much more important than just single-issue politics.

Since the Republicans have shown that they are unwilling to protect and defend the Constitution, it is necessary to remove their power-base and take back at least ONE house of Congress to maintain a balanced oversight of the dictatorial aims of the current regime.

No, the Democrats are not the answer. But until the answer arrives and shows itself - and is able to answer to single-issue voters on both sides of the issue, they are the only ones who can keep a muzzle on the Shrub.

One can but hope that they would win a significant majority so as to be able to override George Walker Bush's foolish vetoes, and repeal such horrors as the Torture Approval and Habeus Corpus Removal Act of 2006.