Friday, October 27, 2006

wind song

i have the privilege of highlighting an artist whom i admire very much- acender rises above.
i encourage everyone to go to her site and take a look at her work- she creates in a variety of media- and her site is open and welcoming. take a look. this is her work- 'wind song.'
i have opened a new site- betmo's corner- for the softer side of me :)


Mary said...

Cool site Betmo. I am always inspired by artists.

FreeCyprus said...

Good art. I especially like the one you've featured.

Bitmo, here's my response to your comment on my site:

Betmo..."no not through bombing or guns necessarily" Terrorists who use those ARE pretty bad, aren't they?? Aren't they a lot worse that some Christian who's against science?

Am I missing something here?

"because of the ban on science"...last time I checked, there wasn't a ban on science in the US or in the rest of the free West, certainly not in Canada. Do you have any idea how many "bans" are in effect in the middle east? Some even lead to people's deaths...

Here's a thought: if Hizbollah and other terrorist groups put more of their money into feeding and educating their people instead of "bombing or guns" many needless deaths of innocent people would be saved?

Bitmo said "you don't want to hear what i have to say"

Bitmo, I hope you continue to visit my site and offer your opinions and views. I want to hear what you have to say and you have the right to say it.

God bless freedom.

No said...

I love this picture..might wanna put it on my blog. May I?

Has anyone had trouble publishing a post today? I keep getting an error message.

betmo said...

no- contact ascender and ask her- i got her permission as her work is copyrighted. her work is incredible and she has some pretty neat mixed media things going on right now. check it out.

betmo said...

fc- i was actually responding to your commenter ftgf- i felt that his comment about me was insulting in its implications that nothing i had to say would be worth anything since i was a lefty. my point has always been that terrorism in any form is wrong- and i really don't think that you can blame muslims only. do i think that what they are doing is wrong? yep- whole heartedly. i don't know if i would do anything differently if a foreign country came to 'liberate' me and then turned into occupiers. like it or not this current government here in the states is restricting our rights and freedoms as americans. i feel that you are either a free society with all of its risks- and you are willing to take those risks- or you aren't. i am not going to go down point by point in the comments section. i will end by saying- i do read your site occasionally- and i respect that you have always been respectful here. i don't always comment at your place because those folks who comment don't always want to hear a difference in opinion and i don't feel like i should have to offer myself up as a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter for their amusement.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

beautiful work. thanks for bringing it to my attention, b.

Thanks also for the email with the other site. yes, i do find it very interesting.

hope you are having a great weekend.

Donnie McDaniel said...

Great art Betmo. While I cannot offer up something like that, I can make one hell of a stick figure. ;)

On the other hand, if you ever have the need of a Former Marine that can drop the F-Bomb enough times to make Samuel L. Jackson blush, then I am your man!! Is that an art too? HEHE!!

BTW FreeCyprus, it's BETMO!! And it is Hezbollah!!

msliberty said...

Simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love her Scatterlings collection.

Novfioli is incredible! I hope to get a print of that when it becomes available.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

thanks for the support betmo! :-)

FreeCyprus said...

Bitmo...I think you're confusing my site with some right-wing nutjob site.

I've seen comments that you and other left-of-center folks have posted on my blog and I've seen the responses. The dialogue has always been intelligent and challenging, but never belittling or demeaning. I think that's what people like about my blog and my users. The dialogue has always been intelligent and spirited but never juvenile.

On my blog, no one has ever been a "sacrificial lamb" sent to the slaughter for anyone's amusement.

I'm incredibly proud of that and picking any of my posts at random and reading the comments will show that.