Monday, October 30, 2006

vote- 8 days

thanks glenda

vote to reinstate our constitution


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this:

Even if Democrats win control of Congress in elections next week, an immediate change of course in Iraq policy is unlikely, the party's chairman said on Sunday.

Good luck with your Dems!

pissed off patricia said...

I like what Dean said. This is bush's war and he still has to deal with it, no matter which party wins.

If we would have brought them home last month, we would have 100 more than we do today.

betmo said...

i am less interested at this point in iraq and more interested in not losing anymore civil liberties here. i would like to focus on getting those we have lost back- iraq is a longterm quagmire and it is a back burner issue for me. the repubs will almost certainly continue to shred the constitution. with the dems we at least halt the process to give us time to get the tape out and repair.

Frederick said...

I kind of look at it from the other way around, even though I think it's serious, the more of a perception that we are losing our civil rights only helps us to rally more Americans against what's happening, whereas the mess in Iraq threatens our future on so many levels. What good are civil rights when we have collapsed under the wieght of war debt and inflamed the world against us? Both are eimportant issues, and issues the Left can win on.

carbunclefrank said...

All the issues are important but they wont be addressed til there is a CHANGE in the makeup of congress. Repubs can say Dems wont change anything but at least they wont blindly follow King George into hell. I'm with PoP; If we had brought them home last month there would be 100 more than we have today.
Clinton had it's all about the economy. create an artificial job market by sending 150,000 men and women overseas, let big oil drive the stock market up, and lower the gas prices before the election to lull us into complacency. Not this time bro.
Get those rubber stamp clowns out of office

Peacechick Mary said...

You are doing great with the photo campaign - well done!

dawn said...

Have you ever thought of running for local office , your the kind of reps we need

betmo said...

dawn- i am not sure i have the temperment right now for compromise. perhaps when moderates are back in the driver's seat- and sane people are in control again :)

thanks to glenda for making the posters to begin with- i just reposted them. little encouragement along the way :)

DivaJood said...

This election is about the total destruction of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and an adherence to International Law. Yes, the war is on Bush; unfortunately it will be difficult to turn that ship around with any speed.

But it's the rest of it: the corruption of freedom, democracy, and decency, that defines this election.

betmo said...

i couldn't agree more diva

Sarah said...

Just remember to vote!

: )

Human said...

oh betmo should run when she is set for it, that is.

btw - Human family is out of funds for anymore donations. But I want ya to know the overwhelming majority of $ went to female candidates.

'bout time us Apes were sent to the corner.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

I would like to see a priority list from the democrats; one soap box. Perhaps after Nov election?

You would have my vote betmo.

Chuck said...

I'm with betmo & divajood on CIVIL RIGHTS!

But I also want to see investigations into White House corruption with Articles of Impeachment on the table as soon as it is possible for them to take a serious look at.

Keep the criminals busy defending themselves and it'll help slow down their intrusion into our private lives.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
You say the war is not an issue. The democrats say they will continue fighting, because they know that the war is keeping the armament business going, on which depends millions and millions of jobs.
The democrats are not calling for an inquiry into the sexual perversions of american politics......
Above all, the democrats are not calling for an investigation into 9/11...
This week, "The war" will take another few dozen american lives, another few billion borrowed dollars.
Another few hundred million dollars of profit for the companies that supply the munitions and equipment.
That is what matters to the greasy pole climbing politicians, the money that keeps them in office.
Is the american constitution more important than the people of Iraq?
Sorry, but the democrats really are the lesser of two evils.
Unless they clean up "the store", then the gut wrenching, putrid stench of the rotten rat-infested, maggot-filled corpse that was once america will be sluiced and buried by global consensus.
Having said that, I hope the democrats get 100% support.

betmo said...

no- i am not saying it isn't an issue at all- i am saying that we have to prioritize and it isn't going to do us any good to focus on iraq and lose our civil liberties in the process. if we can clean up both issues at the same time- fantastic. there won't be an america to clean up if we keep losing our civil liberties. i don't have faith in the democrats either- i just need them to get the repubs out of the way right now so that we can fight for some independent parties. to do that- we have to encourage and educate the american public and we don't have the time or the resources right now to do that.

landsker said...

Hi again,
So yes, we agree that the democrats aren`t going to "clean it up" in a moment.
I can`t imagine what it must be like in the states right now, just seems like you have so many agencies ..._protecting_ the citizen. The wars,,, against terror, drugs, immigration,crime, poverty etc etc.
The americans certainly seem to like a war!
Anyway, best of luck!

Let`s hope there is less war after the election!!!!

jams o donnell said...

I really do hope for everyone's sake the Democrats will nudge your country back in the right direction

FreeCyprus said...

Bitmo, what did you think of John Kerry's remarks the other day:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

I consider myself bipartisan...I believe there are great human beings in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Same here in Canada: there are great people in both the Liberal and Conservative parties.

However, Kerry's comment was cheap.

It belittles, demeans and disrespects every man and woman in the military who's risking their life right this very moment in order to perform their duties, wherever they may be serving.

Sewmouse said...

ascenderrisesabove - (who's nick I just butchered...) There is a list of the "first 100 hours" that the Democrats, via Nancy Pelosi first, have posted outlining their priorities. I approve of the list, although I think there could be a few additions.

Landsker - you might want to read that also. It does address putting into practice the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 commission.

And yes - the Constitution of the United States is the more vital issue - more vital than Iraq - because if we allow the Shrub to destroy the Constitution, then Iraq is a lost cause forever. Only by reclaiming our country's moral values and legal base can we hope to bring about a peaceful resolution to the quagmireS that the Scumbag in the Oval Office has led us into.

Sewmouse said...

Have you read anything about what Kerry had MEANT to say? He phrased it poorly, but what he actually said, and what his intention was - are two quite dissimilar things.

Perhaps you should google his speech preview - the press release - before you decide to condemn someone for misspeaking.

I mean - if you're going to condemn everyone who misspeaks... um... there's always the DECIDERER's Stragerty to mention...

moonlitetwine said...

During which point on the clock do we stop?

I am so glad to see that a few people are not performing, "Business as usual."

I don't understand how we can afford to pave or sand streets.

Did anyone else live in a community where non-veterans handed out poppies this past Veteran Day? What's up with that? One simple tradition dies or is given up? Shall we tally? Are veterans so impoverished, that getting to the grocers to hand out poppies is no longer feasible? What?

Toys for Tots being run by non-vets, too? Huh??? This didn't happen during Viet Nam. Did it?