Saturday, October 07, 2006

ahhh- must be an election year

i don't have much more to say on politics these days. i think that i have posted over 500 posts on this blog- most about politics and the loss of our grand country. there is no sense in beating a dead horse. i do want to say that we need to have a strategy going into these elections and beyond- and these are just a few ideas i had:

we need to keep our eyes open to the smear campaigns and continuous erroneous information coming from the likes of rove and --- drudge. yes, apparently, drudge is a compatriot strategist along with rove in the repub party. had it straight from limbaugh's lips-- so it must be true :) just keep your eyes and ears on drudge and rove for the next couple of elections.

we need to support moderate republicans and conservatives. yes- we do. these people are not representing them either and they are out in limbo. please- if you are a moderate right leaner and you are thinking of not voting- i beg you to reconsider. vote for a third party or write-in vote--but please vote. it will maybe send a message to these people who have hijacked your party and our country.

we need to keep up posting the illegalities, the lack of accountability, the hypocrisy, the lies, etc of this congress and this president. we have to keep it in the forefront. these people spin and try to confuse the issues. we have to keep the real issues out there- which are stated above. anything else is a smokescreen.

we have to concentrate on voting these people out. that means voting for the person who has the best chance of defeating these folks. that may mean that you have to hold your nose and pull the lever- but we cannot waste our votes by voting for folks who have a slim to none chance of unseating an incumbant. please- don't waste this election. there will be time enough to right things and vote your conscience at a later time. if we waste this chance- it may not be a problem anyway.

s0- that's it. i can't say it any clearer. we have to do what we have to do. these folks are at 'war' with everything and they are at 'war' with us. we can win but we have to be focused and we have to do what we have to do to right things. keep this in mind and vote, vote, vote.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

looking at drudge (shudder - you made me) header for today: Nuke weekend? More like: October Surprise?

Anonymous said...

Betmo, great advice.

I hate having to "hold my nose and pull the lever" but the continuing decline of this country/world makes the thought of voting smart vs. ideally easier and easier all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Because you never seem to respond to my comments on third party politcs, I can see that we are going to hit a "agree to disagree" impass; it was bound to happen. We can't agree on eveything, but my question to this commnt is when:

please- don't waste this election. there will be time enough to right things and vote your conscience at a later time...

also blog stud said a few posts ago that we would not be in iraq if Gore had won the election. Is that why the Clinton adminstraion, oh wait that he was vice president of, was bombing Iraqia sites in a daily basis for almost 12 years, while also nearly starving millions of people. Wehn a report sited that the sanction has killed nearly 500,000 children, Madeline Albright Democrat Sec. of State said something like, "that is the price we must pay."

So you might believe that the Dems are going to save us and would do things totally differently, but a closer look at their actually records would prove your wrong.

The American politcal is corrupt, not the Republicans alone...

When commenting on his "spoiler" label, Ralph Nader once said, A revolutionary always spoils a corrupt system.

Renegade Eye said...

Drudge is quiet today about the Foley scandal. I couldn't find any headline.

Intersting about Rove/Drudge connection. Maybe Limbaugh is jealous.

betmo said...

"i completely agree bz- but i question the 'sincerity' and progressiveness from a third party candidate that takes money from the likes of santorum. maybe it's wrong- but i want to wrest the power out of the hands of the repubs. the dems are much easier to take out."

bz- this was my response to your last comments on third party stuff. yes- i think that we will have to agree to disagree for the moment. i do agree that third parties--and 4th and 5th parties- are welcomed and needed. i don't look to the dems to save this country- i am looking at them as a way to buy some time. this is not the time to be tinkering and we need to stop the repubs in their tracks. so- my thought is to not throw away the vote this time and then work on getting more parties involved. i like the idea of coalition governments and such.

Anonymous said...

First, let me apologize for the plethora of typos in my last comment. It was 2 am and I was typing after a night feeding. (I often read blogs when i am waiting to see if my daughter has fallen asleep after a feed.) I know it may be a bit sick to discuss politics at 2 am, but i am a sick man, I guess.

Anyway, again when you say, "this is not the time to be tinkering and we need to stop the repubs in their tracks."

When will be the time? No seemed to be doing anything political or revolutionary when Clinton was
in office. I just think when a presidemt like Bush gets so many people angry, it is a perfect time to hit the iron while it is hot so to speak and hammer out some real change. But if we waut till a Dem come sin and cools the fires we wil lose political capital.

The chnage we are looking may take a century or more, not an election cycle. Anyway it is 4:43am an I am sure my daugter is asleep. I am back to bed. I will check in on what you all have to say when i wake up.

i need to give up on politics all together...just kidding of course. i live for the debate!

Sarah said...

People need to vote for who they believe will lead the nation in the right direction. That is all I have to say. I'm about ready to vote third party myself!

betmo said...

i understand what you say- but this is not politics as usual and we need time to mobilize for the 2008 election. if we don't take control of the congress now- we won't have a chance to try to make third party candidates a viable option. we have to go by what history in this country tells us- most folks vote opposite when mad- or don't vote at all. it is far easier to get rid of dems in office apparently than repubs. i can't make you all vote dem- that is up to you. all i know is that many third party candidates currently are being financed by the republican party to siphon votes from dems. i will not give my vote to the repubs. research the money trail to your third party candidate before you vote at the very least.

Anonymous said...

When you said follow the money it made me think of this

Obob said...

look at nader as a third member of the slate. Since the 00 election he has been dead in the water. Whatever your political leaings are, vote for what you feel is best for the country. And if your vote is different from mine, good. The day everyone votes for the same person we become a sham. Or the Daly Machine has risen from the ashes of Chicago.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Sounds like a good game plan, b.

Yeah, Drudge is 'supposedly' gay to boot. Maybe his poor political judgement is just indicative of a low self-esteem problem in general.

I do not see how gays can support the gop, and I still know some who do. I mean, gay thing aside, just what is the GOP doing right?

Iraq? No!

The economy? No!

Ethics? No!

Values? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha.

Sorry, but it was hard for me to stop myself from laughing on that one, but ahem, NO!

Yes, moderate GOP candidates should be supported, but believe me, we NEVER see them here in Texas.

And I doubt I will ever vote for one, because by the time they make it to a National Office, the religious right has already had their way with them.

It will be interesting to see what happens with McCain or Giuliani if they get the nomination in 2008. McCain has already started courting them and I have already started to lose faith in him because of it.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Mine pretty much sucked so far.

Truth-Pain said...

While I agree with the general thesis and spirit of your post,... I tend to think that hypocrits (especially in the blogosphere), and those who engage in it at any any level are just as guilty for the cancer-like divide of the political realm.
I laugh when I come to a post and read someone spew about how we need to be civil, watch our language, ... and be centered in our reasoning and our politics,... yet you find a little morsel of their comments in some other blog just laying some of the best verbal IED's known to man. It's one thing to say with certainty that the election of people of moderation is good, but its another to have the same conviction in someone elses back yard.
I hope we are all that consistent.

betmo said...

well tp- i doubt that there will be any consistency. i know for myself that i started out a centrist- and now i want these neo cons gone- and at this point i don't care how. these people have levelled this country and if some of us don't get mad and realize that this isn't politics as usual this time- i fear that america is lost. i pretty much say that everywhere i go these days. we need moderates back in control- and if it takes radical action to do it- so be it.

Truth-Pain said...

I hear ya'... all the more power to you. By the way, my blog dropped out of your blogroll :(
Am I not in your good graces any more?.... just curious.