Sunday, October 08, 2006


haiku by betmo

filtered sunlight beams
red, golden, brown hued leaves
'indian' summer

haiku by spadoman

colors everywhere
the roadside, the hills, the parks
in autumn beauty


QUASAR9 said...

Magical betmo!
Magical haiku, beautiful pic
hope you are enjoying the autumn, the colours, the moonlight et al

Have a nice day! rain or shine

carbunclefrank said...

Your pic is beautiful. You have put us into Mother Nature's rainbow and it feels great. Thanx

FreeCyprus said...

Ahh...the crispness of autumn...I am so there!

It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend now. Also, it's Chinese mid-Autumn festival time.


Anonymous said...

I am so, so jealous. No autumn here, just summer and then a few days of "winter," which means a few black ice days. No snow. Ever.
I LOVE haiku. Thanks for two lovely ones.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

beautiful words for a beautiful day. I hope it is as nice up there as it is down here.

DivaJood said...

lovely way to greet Autumn. Thanks!

DizzyDezzi said...

My kids were so excited this morning when they noticed all the leaves had fallen from the trees, overnight.

I don't know why they were surprised, for the last three days I have been vacuuming leaves from my livingroom carpet...after they've done playing in the piles of leaves in my neighbors' yards!

I love autum *wink*!

Trailady said...

Love the picture! Autumn is my favorite season. The poems make pictures in my mind. :o)

Ingrid said...

wow, long time no see..the colours of the leaves that is. The last time I did I still lived up in Canada..sigh, you're making me melancholic! (btw, nice to post on something other than politics for a change,I should do the same thing!)

Alec said...

Makes me miss Michigan. But then I remember what follows.

Sarah said...

Don't worry Alec, I'm in Michigan for you. I get to experience the cold winter following the beautiful Fall!

msliberty said...

Living in the middle of the desert, I don't ever get to see the leaves turn.

Thank you so much for this beautiful image, and the beautiful words you wrote to accompany it.

msliberty said...
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charlie said...

Beautiful pic. Beautiful poem.

Human said...

I sink into that scene.
And I don't want to come back.


betmo said...

it's up near cornell in ithaca, ny- about 45 minutes from where i live. it is a beautiful place. upstate new york is very lovely. except in february- when we have all had it with gray, cold, and dead. luckily enough- spring is around the corner by that time. :)