Saturday, September 02, 2006

worthy cause

i love to read. i have a library of books in my home. if i lost my books, it would be like a part of my life was gone- an important part. favorite books are like good friends- even though you are very familiar with each page- revisiting from time to time brings back good memories. i received a call to action that i think is a worthy cause:

CDF Freedom Schools Katrina Project

they are asking for book donations for the children who were victims of katrina. these kids had less than most before the hurricane- and now have nothing. go to the site and get more info- and if you are like me- you have a few extra books you could part with. thanks


spadoman said...

Good one Batmo....We'll make a donation of some form for this.

Mrs Spadoman has donated notebooks and school; supplies right here in our own school district as well for those that have a hard time getting supplies.

Thanks for letting the people know about this fund for Katrina victim students.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi betmo, I haven't got any books to send from this side of the pond,

but here's that pic secret gallop
I usually credit the author, but can't sem to find the reference for link to this pic. lol!

PS - I think you are one dynamic mover, referencing to related political posts from bloggers, links to news - and obvious personal concern for all peoples.
Where do you get all your energy?

charlie said...

Great idea, betmo. Wish I could help from here but it's a tad far away.

thepoetryman said...

Books might save someones life from what might otherwise be nothing but poverty, pain, and the quickening crawl of death...


sandy said...

I will show this site to the teachers at the school where I work... they'll send books for sure.

msliberty said...

I LOVE Children's Defense Fund, and actuallly cite them often when writing papers for school. THANK YOU for bringing this very important action to our attention. Kids need to read, and they need books to read. No matter what your political flavor, this is a most worthy cause.

PS: I've finally updated my page to link to yours...Long overdue.



BZ said...

Hey betmo,

Can you go to my blog and read my latest post and see if you can comment. If not can you send me an email. You can get the address fro my profile.

LaPopessa said...

Thanks for the info. Good cause. I'll take a look through my books.