Sunday, September 03, 2006

random thoughts

i was sitting on the couch with the cats- no greater inspiration for me :)- and i was thinking about writing. somedays i am truly inspired to spill my guts for the world to see and other days- not so much. i generally only write when i have something to say- lucky for all of my blog friends- i tend to be wordy :) anyhoo- i am feeling a bit andy rooneyish today so i figured i would just jot down some random thoughts that are certainly not worthy of a whole post on their own.

i have been watching more of the discovery channel lately because well- cable's new season must start in january because that is what all of the ads say- coming soon in january new episodes of... anyhoo- i find it amazing the lives that people lead in other places around the globe. no- i don't just mean the naked south american indian tribes that the shows trot out to titillate viewers. i watched and episode or two of 'dirty jobs' with mike rowe. for those who don't know the premise- it is simple: mike goes and does the job for a day of people who have really dirty jobs. with all of the politics surrounding jobs and the econonmy these days- i find it interesting in that regard anyway. so at any rate, last night was about coal miners in pennsylvania dutch country- appalachia- speaking in an accent i have never heard before in this country. it was really weird knowing that these folks live a few hours from me in pennsylvania and have an accent that is part german part irish or scottish sounding. neat. that and i can't believe we are still coal mining but apparently we use billions of tons still- to make electricity. thinking about all of the coal dust those folks inhale and that they will die young- well don't get me started.

this long weekend, hubby and i decided to watch all 6 star wars movies. it really started because of the lament from above- bupkus on tv. i popped in the first movie because we have seen them so many times you only half have to pay attention. so- we started with the original 3- luke and leia- first and then went from there. have to say- lucas was on to something. great story- although the stilted writing left much to be desired. my favorite line in any of the movies got discovered last night in the 3rd movie where obi-wan kenobi is fighting the newly minted darth vader. darth says, "you are either with me, or you are my enemy." obi-wan responds, "only a sith deals in absolutes." which of course lead me to wonder- since siths always come in twos (hat tip to master yoda)- is dick cheney the emperor and george bush his apprentice? just a thought :)


EAPrez said...

My friend, that is why I use a photo of Darth Vader when I post a story about Dick Cheney!!!!!!!

Donnie McDaniel said...


I know I am late to the party, but I stayed up late this morn after work to do my post on Impeach. Enjoy! It's a bitch working nights when so much fun is to be had. When I go back on days off, I might be meeting with some of the other La. Bloggers to assist in N.O.

Schroeder from People Get Ready sent a mail to us, and asked for help to do some work for this old lady. I think it might be on a day that I am working, but I told him the days I am off to be available to help out with anything they got planned.

One home and one day at a time, we will make our state better than it was before if it kills us.

Frederick said...

Clean coal technology is one of the most important areas of research in the U.S. today, seeing as we have the worlds largest deposits of coal. Check this out.

Obob said...

betmo, come to the dark side ... we have chips & salsa

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I believe coal is still our primary fossil fuel for electric generation...etc. I oculd be wrong.

betmo said...

obob- as long as you have name brand and not that cheap shit. :) what? it's labor day weekend and i was feeling saucy :)

dan- probably so.

5th Estate said...

If you are suggesting that Bush and Cheney are full of 'sith', then you'd be correct. Sith! SITH! Geddit?. Is this microphone ON!? SITH!!!
Okay, never mind... darlink! TWO words! Lord of The RIngs Extended Version Trilogy ( that's one word!) and World O'Crap--Better Living Through Bad Movies ( here's the link: also on my blogroll. Pursue these two suggestions and you'll know exactly what to think about from now on--in combination it's like having a lobotomy that tickles!

(I only mention this because if your idea of getting away from it all is watching the entirety of Star Wars --weren't there 9 movies actually?--then if you can't afford the Bahamas, either of this will give you some respite).

I'm just trying to help out a fellow blogger whose writing ( and research!)I really admire, that's all.
Just remember, as Buckaroo Banzai once said: "Wherever you go, that's where you'll be."

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

I think you might be on to something there. I have to say my favorite part of the story was the beginning where you talked about lounging with the cats.

Happy Labor Day.

Obob said...

it'll be spicy with those scoop chips, I'm lazy

betmo said...

ahhh perfect! as for the lord of the rings- it is actually on my agenda :) don't know about tickling myself 5th- but i will take it under advisement :)