Sunday, September 03, 2006

couple of interesting things...

for all of you folks concerned about the immigration of folks into the country- burma

for all of you folks concerned about the fact that this administration is more secretive than it should be:

after going around and urging people to take a look at chuck's recent post- i figured i would just post about it here. it is full of info and it is worth taking the time to read through. i found it to be eye opening to say the very least.



Margaret III said...

I have been a long-time admirer of Ang San Su Kyi. I wrote a paper about her for a woman's program class I took in college. She has not let her father's efforts to free his country fall by the wayside. I will never call Burma by it's re-name Myannmar. It's a small thing, but it something.

enigma4ever said...

me too...( as Margaret said) She is very inspiring on so many levels...
Thanks for the great links...and Sunday Food For Thought....

Publius said...

Well I did read the article, and I also read this part too:
"Within the next year we hope to bring thousands from Tham Hin, and also begin processing Karen refugees from the other camps," Ms Sauerbrey said, opening the door for many of the 130,000 refugees elsewhere on the Thai-Burma border.
Do we really need 130,000 refugees to be allowed into the US on top of the 1 million allowed to legally become citizens every year, with the additional 3 million who enter the country illegally every year? It is a very “nice little story,” but when you have to look at reality, this is 130,000 people who will come to this country with little money, education, or job training. And you my dear Betmo will have to help pay to support them.

Chuck said...

Thanks betmo. Man I wish more people knew what we know. Its so frustrating to know that so many people are fooled so easily.

Which brings up a question: Why am I not rich (as in monetarily wealthy)? Oh that's right. Its that damn morality thing getting in my way.

Renegade Eye said...

I didn't like the bushmerika blog. It's too conspiratorial, and politically uninformed.

If the US is fascist, why is that blog legal? Lack of knowledge about the meaning of fascism. If Bush is fascist, what is Hillary? This is still a bourgeoise democracy. Google trotsky's definition of fascism.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi betmo, thanks for chuck's link

The thing is the CIA & FBI witness protection programme, could easily relocate 3,000 people.

The State paid out $One million US dollar compensation packages to the 'grieving' relatives.

Cheney & Rumsfeld would not hesitate to sacrifice 3,000 people for the greater good, for glory, or even for oil and sheer greed or money.

The Iraq war has been a $200 billion blockbuster (or rather hollywood flop) five years in the making. The destruction of a country, all the deaths acceptable collateral damage, with the Pentagon & CIA playing on both sides of the field (as usual).

charlie said...

More people trying to realise their fantasy of a better life! (courtesy of a BBC link, which was interesting). The world's population is swirling around and around, looking for something, anything!

spadoman said...

Thanks for the post and the links Batmo.........

Good to read what's out there on subjects like these. The refugees that come here are welcome. This country has caused many people to be thrown out of or rather banned from returning to their own countries, like the Hmong, our allies in Vietnam and Cambodia, the Bosnians, the Somalians. It was the good ole U S of A that had a hand in the downfall and subsequent displacement of citizens from these places.

Funny, people like publius aren't willing to spend tax money to pay for relocation and training of the refugees, but I don't hear any complaints about the taxes paying for the war in Iraq. I don't mind some of my tax dollars to go to refugees. I want to share my country with other people less fortunate.

Where I live, there are many boarded up storefronts and empty offices because people are moving away for work and gainful employment. In Saint Paul, MN, the Hmong regugees did a great job re-establishing a neighborhood blighted by crime and drugs by opening businesses and paying taxes themselves.

Some will say that they are all given handouts to open businesses and the like. It simply is not true. If in need, anyone can get help from the government in the form of grants and programs designed to help people. Many of the refugees took advantage of it and work hard.
I'm afraid that people who are not willing to allow immigrants and refugees are afraid that the new residents are not white enough for their liking.

A good example is the influx of Eastern Indian hotel/motel owners. Other owners will put up a sign that says it is American owned. Americans come in many colors and flavors. Because one is of Indian descent, does not mean he or she is not American. What the competition is trying to give notice to the potential customer is that the Indians that own motels are not "white".

The conspiracy may be so, maybe more or less of a degree of invlovement. It took many years to find out what we found out about Pearl Harbor and Roosevelt's involvement. Maybe it will be the same here. Problem is, we have bigger fish to fry at this moment. We must end this war and stop the killing started by the deeds of 9/11 and not worry, at least right this moment, about who's fault it was.
A concentrated effort is needed to end this administration's stranglehold on our lives with their manipulation of the price of gas, the minimum wage and the advent of possible censure on the internet, just mention a few.

Today, I honor labor in this great country. I will not go somewhere, a walmart or any other business, that is open and making "labor' work today. I honor them by not being a customer, maybe their day will be a bit easier.

I also thank the Unions that brought us the 40 hour work week and an end to child labor. They are the ones responsible for this National holiday.

May Peace prevail on Earth.

betmo said...

i think that we have to keep an open mind to the possibility that at the very least this government was complicit in 9/11. whatever means necessary to get these folks out of power- peacefully. if that means voting- then vote. if it means impeachment and idictment- then we need to go that route too. if we can get the evidence needed to force these people out- then we need to go for it. i only hope that there is someone with enough integrity to do it- unlike patrick fitzgerald apparently. maybe he will turn his attentions to armitage.

as for the refugees, i had no idea- my mom saw it on the bbc news- she watches pbs. so i looked it up. as for paying for the refugees with my taxes- i don't get to choose. i already pay for school taxes- and i don't have kids. why should i have to pay for anyone else's? because that's the way things work. we are a nation of immigrants- and these folks are coming here LEGALLY which i thought was the beef we had with immigration in the first place :)

Renegade Eye said...


I was thinking about that 9/11 post. I think what bothers me about it, is that it is so easy to hate Bush, that any criticism is exceptable after awhile.

betmo said...

ren- i understand your point. i should say that i don't hate bush- i don't agree one whit with any of the policies or paths he and his admin has given us. i don't have very much in common with the current right wing- which is a shame. what i can say is- i don't trust this government period. i don't believe a word they say and i don't trust in their motives. they have lied and cheated and stolen from america and the world and they have used underhanded tactics to get what they want.

having said that- i am open to hearing evidence as to whether this government orchestrated 9/11. they clearly had plans to invade iraq for years before they had any thoughts of getting elected. that much i have proven myself through research. i will wait to form a solid opinion as more info comes in. i agree with spado that we must concentrate heavily on cleaning up the mess that they have made- but if there is a chance of an indictment- hey, i am open. at the very least, they bungled the response to 9/11 as evidenced by the released norad tapes. we may not know in our lifetime what really happened- but i am not going to trust these people.

so- it is not my hatred but my distrust that drives my passion for the truth. this may not be the truth but we must explore our options. and- my belief is that we are headed towards a fascist state. we are on the brink- not there yet.