Saturday, September 02, 2006

labor day weekend

hope everyone is enjoying the last weekend of the official summer season. while i know the first official day of autumn is still a bit away- thought i's say- enjoy! i, for one, am glad that the summer of 2006 is winding down. it has been the worst weather i have experienced- and indeed is raining as i type. it has rained most of last week and is expected to rain throughout the weekend. due to the flooding- we still haven't gotten the poor tenant's apartment put back together- shortage of contractors. so- goodbye summer of 2006. i am not looking forward to living with your brother- winter of 2006- but you can always layer- you can only be so naked. :)


spadoman said...

Thank you for the Labor Day greeting Batmo.....
I'm off to go hiking with the Grandkids in a little while. Weather is nice here. Cool and dry. I recall the oppresive heat from just a few weeks ago and love this coolness.

What ever comes, we must live with I guess.

Other plans for Labor Day weekend are a trip to the Big Top Chetaqua

We will see Taj Mahal in concert Sunday night.

No plans for Monday. The "Tour" will be posted on Tuesday morning.

Love your blog.

I just scrolled down to enter the word verification. It is S P O A D, close to Spado if you ask me! :)

spadoman said...

PS I'll post pictures from the hiking trip. We're going to Superior Falls on the South Shore of Lake Superior. Many trees are already turning yellow and red, Fall is in the air.

Peacechick Mary said...

Your cloud drawing reminds me of a convention of Hooter's girls. Stay warm and dry and things will change quick enough.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

hey betmo, happy labor day. I hope it dries up before monday.

maybe it's because I am a texas boy, but I prefer the heat and taking things off.

....but I do have to admit the 19 days of +100 we had this summer almost kicked my butt, specially since I work outside.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

p.s. one of the textbooks for my journalism class is chock full of good quotes. expect to see some in my blog soon.

betmo said...

spado- looking forward to those pics! i expect that the leaves here will turn sooner than usual here this year.

shawn- i will look forward to your quotes- you always have good stuff on tap.

pc mary- easier said than done. it's that time of year to go to long sleeves and still wear sandals :)

Human said...

Happy Labor to you too betmo.
We're trapped inside because of the rain. Oh well.