Friday, March 20, 2009

secret memos revisited

um- ok. it seems many of the the things i had been bitching about for years- was true. apparently, and who knew?, i am not a conspiracy theorist. yeah me!!! i guess since what was in the yoo memos and whatnot was not a surprise, i went back to see what president obama has done about it.

well, so far, nothing.

folks, it isn't rocket science. you either want a democracy or you don't. i don't believe that it is simplistic to say so- the desire for absolute safety is rooted in fear. look, we now have military deployed here in america. still. we have mercenary security forces 'assisting' local law enforcement. we still have craptastic homeland security. i am willing to give the obama administration the benefit of the doubt until the 100 days are up- but then, there had better be some reversals or this small blog is going to be raising some holy hell.

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Unknown said...

It's odd that you should say that. I have thought exactly the same thing. I will keep my rhetoric to a minimum until the 100 days are up. If I don't see some positive progress at that time, it's 'Katy, bar the door'.