Friday, March 20, 2009

'only the good' fridays

wow- another week down. inching closer and closer to the elusive season we call spring :) i actually like early summer better- less mud here. but hey, dirt washes off so it's all good. thought i would spread some positive today- don't forget, you can join in good fridays anytime. friday has 24 hours in it :) the particulars are at sherry's blog- this eclectic life. good stuff.

anyhoo, i am almost done with the second cuppa- thought i would clear out a couple of the links in the google reader. i really must start to post on some of these links- so here goes:

create a bag garden- now, i read the article and aside from the fact that well meaning westerners continue to ship cows to lactose intolerant african folks- it's a good idea. it can either be a fun project to start with your kids- or you can actually make it your own vertical garden. either way- feel free to let me know if you try it out.

ithaca, ny is about 40 minutes or so from me and is home to cornell and ithaca college. it's a neat little town that is part hippy part hillbilly in a weird, upstate new york way. but those folks are not shy about being who they are- and cornell did produce the likes of she-who-must-not-be-named. well, now, they want to be the first american podcar city. maybe it's because of all those hills.

gainesville, florida is about 30 minutes from the bucolic small town where i lived in the early part of my youth (and one of my grade school buddies still lives :) and they are the home of the university of florida fightin' gators!!! of course, when i lived there, i rooted for the florida state seminoles. i liked their colors better ;) anyhoo, gainesville is leading the charge in florida to jump start homeowners converting to solar. and i think that's a win-win situation. the homeowners are getting compensated and ultimately saving money and the city's energy grid is being boosted by individuals- and helping to save the atmosphere. capitalism and socialism co-existing without blowing up the world. who knew?

and finally, i stole this widget from my buddy thorne- who snagged it from di over at forks off the moment. i think it's great.


enigma4ever said...

I love the description of Ithaca...

I have a post up about Michelle Obama's Whitehouse Garden.....and I gave your blog a Gardening Shout Out....

jmsjoin said...

Ithaca must be embarrassed of her. I can't stand her. Did you see Michelle trying to do a victory garden? Definitely out of her element but I love the example they are setting.

I was turning my soil today. It is a new house so I still haven't figured out the sun yet. I start my seeds soon. I ordered a bunch of Yukon Gold today from Gurney. Love that me too poster you can put me on the top of that list!