Thursday, March 19, 2009

water wars and others

who owns water rights?

want a hint? not you.

this may be an issue in upcoming years- as we are reaching peak water in some parts of the world. since water is probably the biggest necessity for life- you can go a few weeks without food- things could get a wee ugly.

oh- and incidentally, according to the israelis- palestinians' lives aren't worth as much as theirs. huh, who knew that palestinian folks weren't really people?


enigma4ever said...

Garden South Lawn Whitehouse- starts tomorrow...thought of you

( will post on it...)

about water....amazing that in a way it is as valuable as gold...

Unknown said...

Water wars have already started in some parts of the world, and as our U.S. drought(s) spread and intensify, coupled with increased immigration straining natural resources even further, water disputes ate heating up between cities, counties and states.

I remember a number of brief, localized droughts in my lifetime. One, in central and west Texas, lasted for "only" seven years. Many farmers and ranchers went bust - no rain, graze and feed won't grow, animals either die or their skinny bodies sold at a loss. The terrible droughts of the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression lasted about 10 years, I think.It was a horrible time and we didn't have nearly the population that we do now to need the precious water.

It IS as valuable as gold when it gets scarce. It is our LIFE.

Re: Palestinian vs Israeli lives:
Scroll down past the photos and read the text. Not all Israelis think this, I'm sure, but when persons in positions of power mouth their hate rhetoric, it makes a bad impression and a bad role model for others.