Monday, August 17, 2009

i can't view my own blog

anybody else hate google? it's giving me some bullshit about sending out automated queries whatever the fuck that means. apparently, it's against google's terms or whatnot but i have no idea what that means. so, please let me know if something looks untoward with one of the blogs- i'll at least be able to access the comments in my email until i figure out what the fuck google is talking about.


betmo said...

i have no idea what triggered the crap- but i ran my ad-aware and it seemed to do the trick. i'm back in business.


Good - I was ready to send you a copy of your latest blog posting.

It sounds like someone reported it for spam - at least I know two other bloggers who had this same thing happen to them.......

At least it's working well now! Diane

fjb said...

Could be a DoS attack (Denial of Service). Sometimes preventing what the system thinks is automated queries is Google's way of trying to protect Blogger and you.

Automated queries, up to millions at once, are a favorite weapon used by shitheads with malicious intent, and are sent from software on their computers to crash a site. Happened on Aug. 7 due to some asshole hacker in Georgia - not the state - he took down twitter, a lot of blogs and disrupted facebook temporarily. Run an anti-malware, anti-virus scan just to be on the safe side.

Don't worry, it's probably not directed at you personally, unless you really pissed of some batshit crazy, right-wing dick for brains. :-)