Friday, July 03, 2009

perplexed as always

where does one go to find real news? i guess a better question is- is there any real news left out there? is anyone covering anything of substance these days? cnn isn't. i think that mark sanford is a scumbag- but his deal is with his wife and constituents. i haven't given a rat's ass about michael jackson since 'thriller'- 'bad' was, well, bad. everything that came after was abysmal. his best stuff was with the jackson 5 and his two solo albums 'off the wall' and 'thriller'. let's let him rest in peace-- and cover something vital.

like- oh, i don't know- why we are upping offensives in afghanistan or how pelosi is fucking us over with the health care bill or how everything i have seen over the past week has been happy sucking? granted, i don't travel much and puerto rico is a territory- but traveling from upstate to new york to puerto rico to florida- and seeing the exact same layouts for strip malls and the exact same companies in place of any sort of local culture- that's depressing.

the planet and this country is in a helluva pickle- and cnn's lead story is about american's whining over the fireworks displays getting cut and michael jackson's memorial. no surprise there i suppose. my inlaws think that obama is the one responsible for all of the stimulus funds in the trillions and my friend from high school complains about the rain and cool temps because she likes hot summers and plants flowers. sigh.

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Beth said...

Take a deep breath and go to your blissful place. It's Friday. All is good.