Friday, July 03, 2009

some observations...

mary matalin is possibly one of the phoniest pundits there is- no matter what a rethug does- it's 'brilliant' or 'genius'.

'However, CNN Republican Strategist Mary Matalin said she thought the move was "really brilliant" on Palin's part, though she admitted she was surprised when she first heard the news.'

give me a break already. why not take on the sanford affair mary?

i agree with ed:

'Republican strategist and CNN contributor Ed Rollins said, to a certain extent, Palin's announcement makes her look "terribly inept."

"I think everyone is shocked by this, and I think to a certain extent everyone is going to assume there's another story. You don't just quit with a year and a half to go. You certainly don't do this as a stepping stone to run for president. You finish the job that you're in, and obviously she's not doing that," he said.

"I think people are going to be very suspicious because of the timing. You don't quit on the Friday of a three-day holiday. If you are going to do this, you think it through, you give a good speech," Rollins said.'

my thought upon reading this was- huh, must be something to those ethics charges after all...


Time said...

My description of her has not changed, she is a BIMBO.


In a devious way, I hope she announces that she is having an affair.

michaelo said...

not that palin has a chance in hell to be president of the usa but if she were would she leave the presidency with 18 months to go because she is a 'lame duck' president.....OMG