Wednesday, May 20, 2009

who knew we have had a dearth in leadership?

i mean i never would have guessed that this country has been leaderless and rudderless for decades- you?

yep- a bit heavy handed with the sarcasm today but all of the shit we have complained about for years is coming back to bite us in the ass today.


an average patriot said...

Obama will straighten this mess out if given the chance. It only makes sense that those in the Fed are happy. Like the military it is the only safe place to be today. reading that and what employees valued they must have hated being under Bush as much as we did.

Brother Tim said...

I'm speechless! Actually, I didn't want to burn out your bandwidth and shut your site down. ;)

"Obama will straighten this mess out if given the chance."Actions speak louder than words, my friend.

an average patriot said...

I know Brother, trust me I have to laugh, every time I say something positive about Obama I wait to see what you are going to say.