Wednesday, May 20, 2009

state of where we are

my personal thought is this- torture, enhance interrogation techniques- whatever you want to call it- should be a non issue. there should be no debate- and i agree with shep smith- 'we are america. we don't do that.' i don't care if it works or doesn't- it shouldn't be done. i find it insulting and hypocritic that pictures won't be released because it may harm our troops in the field. not because i want our troops harmed- but because we obviously don't want it done to us. it is not ok that we inflicted it on other people.

i am outraged and angry- and judging from what i read around the blogosphere- i am not alone. it's unfortunate that our congress critters don't agree. i am hoping to weed some of these warmongers out in 2010 and 2012. you?

these are the same folks who voted with bush every step of the way- from the patriot act fiasco to the military commissions act- to funding everything under the sun. they rubber stamped everything he wanted. and many of us on the left- rah rahed along waving our flags not wanting to look unpatriotic. being cowards. feeling helpless. abdicating our principles and trying ineffectually to elect someone- anyone who wasn't associated with bush. and all the time not really doing anything at all. we share the blame along with pelosi and reid.

we are supposed to be the 'progressive' party but we are looking a whole lot more imperialistic these days. actually, all of those right wingnuts who are looking to call the dems 'socialists' should take a hard look at the right wing 'ideas' that look a whole lot more like communism than anything else to me. but the regressive, status quo party is still rockin' like it's 1994.

see, most folks think it's ok to treat non americans, non whites, non english speakers, non christians- however we want. what they fail to see- these are fellow human beings who share this planet. they fail to see that we are but one small country on a big planet and that billions of people around the world have a different culture than ours-- and do just fine. what they also fail to understand is when you treat 'others' in such an inhumane way, it becomes part of you. even believing that it's ok breeds callousness. and then you start treating your own differently.


Time said...

Bigotry, hate, discrimination are never ending because parents teach it to their children. We can curb it through laws, but never eliminate it.

When people like Rush, Beck, and others are on the air everyday spewing their hate, it works. Some Americans seem to think that just because it is presented, it has validity.

The duty of citizens in a free society is to have the morality to ignore those ideas that are meant to mislead people and destroy society.

If we don't have the brains to see through some of this crap, we are doomed. I don't see us turning away from doom, yet.

Brother Tim said...

Your are not alone, dear Betmo, some things are just plain inexcusable and can never be justified.