Monday, May 04, 2009

stories i found interesting

the rethugs are supposed to be all about the children- and freedom- and the constitution-- except when they aren't. what message is that sending our kids?

bernie madoff was known for years and wasn't stopped- because other folks were making so much money from his theft. nice.

i am highly critical of the right wing- and i write about it often. i am also highly critical of the left wing- although my ideology usually lines up somewhere closer to the left than right. i have said it before and i'll say it again- there is little difference in the left and right these days precisely because the left has adopted so many rightwing tactics. make no mistake- we have a one party system here in america- and it's the corporate, monied elite.

that doesn't mean that i even remotely understand where the right wing comes from. i can at least guess at the left. they admit that they have no 'strategery'- no vision other than to continue to use and exploit people and resources for their own gain- and they fall back to another bush for answers---- and their minions continue to believe....

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an average patriot said...

The more Repugs reinvent themselves the more they lie and the worse they get. You can not trust Democrats either and as I keep saying in the end Obama is on his own!