Monday, May 04, 2009

i don't really have an answer

not a satisfying one for myself- anyway. i think about the right and the left here in america- not always in terms of the politicians- they have their own special disconnect with reality that apparently, cannot be breached. i am thinking of everyday rank and filers. many of us acknowledged long ago that the fringes of both sides are simply batshit crazy. both shrill and biting and not really interested in any other way but theirs. and recent polls suggest that the majority of americans are leaning towards the democratic party-- most likely out of sheer desperation to avoid another bush/cheney administration with a gingrich/delay congressional twist.

but i cannot wrap my mind around how anyone can look at the last 8 years with any positive feelings or thoughts. we are mired in 2 wars that have since been proven not to have had any other purpose than employing private contractors; we tortured people to no good end and for what amounted to no good reason other than to trump up justification for aforementioned wars; our economy is in tatters thanks to unbridled corporatism under the moniker of 'free trade and pure capitalism' and millions are homeless and jobless as a result; we have one of the worst healthcare systems in the world- and millions simply go without because they cannot afford it.

so, if there are any folks on the right who can explain to me- without using fox news inspired sound bites- such as- we haven't had anymore terrorist attacks or illegal immigrants are the blame for everything-- i am open to listening.

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