Thursday, May 14, 2009

go figure

he's from north carolina


Brother Tim said...

People are following the mindset of their leadership. Human life and dignity have no value, and laws are made to be broken. *sigh*

Rocky said...

Truck driving is a lonely job that attracts many types of people. With lots of time to develop fantasies (what else are you gonna do in the middle of the night in Wyoming?) the sickest ones sometimes come true.
In my years out there I met more than one sick driver in truck stops or on the C.B.. Everything from child slavers to killers, and those who just fantasize about these things.
Considering the proximity of the truck stops in the area I feel the real killer in the case of the West Memphis 3 ( )was a driver who just drove on.

betmo said...

well, yes, but fantasy is different than acting out. my first thought was about the reading and dvd- and the huntin', fishin' mentality of the south. i have a dim view of the people in the confederate bible belt and this guy along with eric rudolph- certainly do nothing to dispel that view. but i understand that truckers do come from many places and are nomads. i recently watched one of those forensic shows about a trucker who picked up a young girl in maine and dumped her body in pennsylvania. i can see why the fbi has an interest.