Sunday, April 05, 2009

sunday afternoon

going to spend some time with my yarn today. i have several projects in the works and i need to start working on a few. i finished 3 projects over the last couple of months- i like to keep the projects small so i can try new things. what i have on the agenda now- research eco friendly, natural yarns and a place to sell my wares. currently researching etsy. it seems to be easier than trying to get my own crap going. hopefully, the weather will break soon and i will be splitting my time in and out.

for those keeping up with information on the binghamton shooting- press conference was held today at noon. i guess that's going to be standard for a bit. enjoy the weekend.

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Thorne said...

Yummy yarn. Shelly at this eclectic life doesn't post about it a whole lot, but she spins! I have a couple of drop spindles, and eventually want to get some angora goats... I hear super good stuff about etsy, btw!