Sunday, April 05, 2009


i have got green? new york started as part of the poetryman's network. my itinerary thus far runs something like this- tuesdays at the peace tree; thursdays at the sirens chronicles and suzie q's; fridays- 'only the good'- and the rest of the time i will try to keep up with here, betmo's corner and poets4peace. feel free to drop by any of those spots if i am not here. they have other topics and good writers and hey, there are more of them than me :)


Dusty said...

Hot Damn Betmo..your the busiest girl in the blogosphere!

I will check out your new site. ;)

Carol Gee said...

betmo, thanks for letting us know where you are in the blogiverse on certain days. I look forward to exploring these sites and the neat writers with whom you've connected.

Virtual communities are an important way we learn and express ourselves in "safe" ways. But I also think that our blog friends help us grow and expand. Couldn't be better!