Friday, April 03, 2009

rightwing roundup

it occurred to me that we, the people, are dismissing the rightwing ideology out of hand. well, about 75% of us in the latest poll anyway. it also occurred to me that we do so at our own peril. they may be out of office- but these folks still inflict damage- and we need to keep them marginalized. sounds harsh, but here's a quick rundown of why:

listening to limbaugh- yep, he is an 'entertainer' but his minions don't look at it that way. they tend towards hero worship and obeying his commands. there's a reason he calls them his 'army'

ain't nothin' new under the sun- the field negro gives us chomsky in 1979. odd, it sounds an awful lot like 2009

paramilitary right via tpm- more bachmann bullshittery and craziness

huckster huckabee is all about voter suppression- can't you take a joke?

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