Friday, April 03, 2009

'only the good fridays'

so, today, hubby and i are going to go and sign away the apartment where we lived from 1996-2008. i couldn't be happier. i have many pleasant memories of that apartment building but the last couple of years or so had been a bit rough. it ceased to feel like 'home.' the new owner is starting out much like we did- he and his family rented on the block for a couple of years and decided to make the street his home. he seems like a decent person. i do know that he has his hands full right off the bat with the neighborhood- that closed, white, blue collar, nosy neighborhood- he doesn't speak english fluently. and while his name is full of z's and y's- he isn't eastern european white. things that matter not to me- but hey, some things apparently are important to some people.

nevertheless, it is a good day in the betmo household- one that we have waited for since the damned porches had to be replaced :) we put the building on the market the first week of february and had the first showing that saturday. we had the offer by monday. the rest has been bureaucracy at it's finest- banks, loans and code folks. yep. now, the moment of truth has arrived and i am relieved and not the least bit sad. my house is my home and it has felt so from the moment we arrived. and that's a 'good thing.'

thanks shelly for the idea. be sure to visit thornie and brother tim- who both have their posts up. feel free to leave a link in the comments for others to toddle along to your place if you have jumped on the 'good fridays' bandwagon.

update: fiona jumped in at her place


fjb said...

Pheww. Congrats, Bet and enjoy the spring in your new home.

Thorne said...

yay, Betmo!!! That is good news!