Friday, April 03, 2009

new website for me

yep. as if you didn't have enough of me to go 'round :) i am teaming up with my buddy the poetryman- who runs the peace tree amongst his other fine blogs. he came up with a plan to bring together the folks who write at the peace tree- as a sort of 'green network,' and he started his own green site- got green? so, that's what i called mine too. the difference is where they are located. they say that all politics is local- so are green movements. they literally start in our own backyards. pm is located in arkansas and i am in new york- if you want to jump in and jump on the green wagon- let me or pm know and we will link you up in a heartbeat.

i decided that this would help me to connect more with my community and also take advantage of resources right here in my neck of the woods- to help me in my own backyard.

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