Monday, April 06, 2009

the more things don't change

the more things stay the same... for all of the hype that the obama campaign and candidate generated- apparently, not much has changed in the grander scheme of things. some things have for the better- mostly though, status quo. we still have 2 wars; we still have the foxes in charge of the economic henhouse; the blue dogs and rethugs and pelosi and reid are still around obstructing and stalling- and the rank and file are still bitterly polarized.

i don't really have any more in me to fight this fight anymore. i guess i don't see anything to fight for. we have come to the end and most americans are too mmmm.... let me quote an email i sent to a friend.....

"americans are the most self centered, intellectually and emotionally stunted, deliberately ignorant, arrogant cultures on the planet."

so, please, explain to me why i would give anymore of me to save them. all of the recent killing sprees have been by americans citizens- not foreign terrorists. and yet, we blame immigrants for all of the ills befalling this country. i live here in this country but i don't consider myself a woman with a country. this country does not reflect who i am or what i am about. and quite frankly, this collapse is probably one of the best things to happen to tear down the sham and facade that has been american culture. none of it's real or based remotely on day to day life. watching a variety of shows, i am embarrassed and ashamed of people who call themselves americans- especially when watching them travel to other countries. americans don't see the need to bother to learn anything about anyone else but themselves. and boy, wasn't this a slap in the face to realize that we are not the greatest nation on the planet- we don't even rank in the top ten.

as for my self imposed moratorium on criticizing the new administration until the 100 days are up- i will say that whatever happens will happen. there are many balls in the air right now and homey b better learn how to juggle better real fast. america as the original founders envisioned it is gone forever- if it ever really existed in the first place. for me, not being an obama fanatic, i simply felt a sense of relief that bushco was gone and that mccain and the wasilla trailer park trash didn't 'win.' i don't know if i ever really expected any more than obama to be a transition to whatever was next. and to that end- fyi- ice shelf broke off recently.

anything else is simply a distraction.


an average patriot said...

Bush put us in a hell of a hole. If we are to grt out of it Obama is the only one to do it. He will do it if the right doesn't stop him. At this point I gave up trying to reach anyone and continue to blog because some of you I want to stay in touch with.
I spend most of my time doing op ed for a civilian media site that is leading the way and doing quite well. If you are interested let me know. Border Explorer my other favorite Billie is there and loves it!

Time said...

I never got caught up in Obama mania. I was glad to see Bush go and it is a breath of fresh air just to have someone so different (better) in the White House, not to mention our first black President, which is a BIG mention.

Obama is just a politician, a good politician, but still a politician. The only change is the political ideology. Politics hasn't changed. For those who thought politics would change, they are going to be disappointed.

One big difference is that Obama is a big "D" democrat. So unless your as old as I am you have never known what having a true democrat as President is like. LBJ was a big "D" democrat.

This will mean putting people before corporations. Quite a shock of change for those who can't remember before Reagan.

Spadoman said...

You wrote:

".....all of the recent killing sprees have been by americans citizens- not foreign terrorists. and yet, we blame immigrants for all of the ills befalling this country."

Well Batmo, you forgot to blame the gay and lesbian population for our problems too. I'm sure they are the blame and so are those pro choice people and the peace loving activists, them too!

I know you are correct. There is little we can do anymore. It has gotten too big, too out of control. Regulation can't be monitored and laws can't be enforced. The changes can't be made as to change one department will put an end to another. The politicians, AND the American people, just aren't willing to let that happen. Too many jobs and too much prosperity at stake.

In the words of one of the songs by Andrew Lloyd Weber in "Jesus Christ Superstar", he writes: didja let things get so out of hand?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The thought of bipartisanship with the crowd that came right out and said their goal was to destroy him, is laughable. Note it was the PEW foundation that did that study.

Obama was the first black fuck us just like all the white ones did.

That's historic?