Tuesday, April 07, 2009

gonna go a'mowin'

i debated as to whether i should lump all of these links together or try to string them along and put them together in an actual post. lumping won out. my reel mower came a few minutes ago and i want to put it together:) and no, i am not crazy. for probably the last 15 years, i have stored excess energy in my fat cells- and it has sat there lurking and waiting for the time to be used. well, now is the time. i have an old fashioned reel mower for my home and i bought a lighter weight modern one for the fam's house. so, i will post the links with a comment or two- and then, i am off to put together my mower.

global climate crisis is real. we are looking at droughts, ice melting and breaking off, and food and water shortages. just sayin'... anyhoo, here is some info on what's happening and what you can do

foraging makes a comeback- yep, if you can't or won't grow your own- perhaps this option is for you.

i am not crazy apparently- more regular folks are turning into 'survivalists' these days.

the middle class is falling fast- and becoming homeless as well as jobless at an alarming rate- while whole communities print their own money ala pre-constitutional convention days of old.

folks need to get a whole lot more creative- and grow a spine for what's coming next. americans are so very passive and laid back- except the ones driving on our highways. if we don't get a clue and a backbone soon, well, it's pretty much a wrap.

i posted on 'fusion centers' a week or so ago. i believe i said at the time that we will never know the extent of the civil liberties we truly lost under bushco never to see again. well, you will be pleased to know that black folks have made the list of 'terror suspects' in america. i know, i know, you are shocked to the core- but it's true. along with that revelation, no surprise that medical personnel working with the cia in the rendition secret prisons violated medical ethics and joined right in on the torture of suspects. there isn't any ethic or moral that americans won't violate for personal gain.

speaking of violating morals and ethics, christians are again the subject of a news expose- this time in newsweek. the article goes on to say that the polls suggest a decline in the number of folks declaring themselves christians, but don't worry, christianity won't go away. no sirreee... apparently, people need religion too much for it to go away completely. uh huh.

chris rock on hbo- his take on drugs- profanity abounds so beware

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