Saturday, October 04, 2008

it's true

not only are we self centered, egotistical, rude, arrogant, vapid, folksy rednecky brainless idiots overall- but we have no shame. oh, i could go on and on disparaging americans- but 75% of america wouldn't know what the hell disparaging meant. at least 2 people in my husband's office thought palin did a good job because she's 'just like them' (apparently, dumb as a rock) and while i was at a show tonight featuring irish singers- the gentleman in charge of selling cds (the producer of the show actually) had to tell someone in line that he would get to him when he was polite. so, if anyone has any ideas of where the fuck someone could move to escape the consumeristic, western ways that seem to have taken over the planet- from doha to beijing- i am all ears.

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