Saturday, October 18, 2008


small people are afraid. that's why we are seeing the small people cling to palin for all they are worth- they want to be a part of something that is bigger than they are. unfortunately, for them, they picked the wrong camp. america is changing because change is an inevitable part of life. the planet is changing and the world's people are changing- and america has changed too- but into something almost unrecognizable. we cannot cling desperately to the past- no matter how much we want to. we cannot remain young forever and we cannot stop time's relentless march forward. what we can do is preserve the good ties to the past- traditions and stories and history. what we don't need to preserve (but should always remember) are the ugly bits of division and hatred that are being held up by the fearmongerers and the bigots in this country. bigots such as sarah palin, and michelle bachman. let's call these people what they are- and tell them in no uncertain terms that real americans, 'pro-americans' aren't bigots or racists or fearmongers. they are men and women of all colors, religions, and ideologies putting country first in reality- not simply in rhetoric.


Dave Dubya said...

Without fear, ignorance, racism and hatred, the Republican Party would not exist anymore.

Too bad half the American public wallows in such darkness.

Palin rallies are turning into Klan rallies on linen wash day.

They may have left their robes at home, but they certainly did bring their anger.

Time said...

I have been trying to tell you for a while now, that politics is cyclical and a change was coming.

That at some point the people would change things through their vote. To slow for me (I never understood Bush's second election win) and probably for you also.

I believe that change is here. That doesn't mean all is well, far from it.

But it's like Americans have been holding their breaths, and after the election you will hear the slow exhale which will come with a little easing of the people's nervousness.

Who knows maybe an Obama Presidency will make things worse, but the elimination of hate, fear, and bigotry as a strategy of governing, will be gone.

And that is worth a lot towards the sanity of government style, reputation and the people's satisfaction with their government.

These things, alone, will make living in America a little more bearable.