Saturday, October 18, 2008

2 of my favorite artists

i don't really listen to much 'modern' music- i am more of a 'classic' and/or 'soft' rock kinda gal- john lennon, phil collins, etc. and of course- james blunt. :) love him. i am a sucker for lyrics and lyrical music and for the most part- the man doesn't write a bad song. i found a new one on the youtube- gotta love the internets. :)

in flowers

james is touring and has a new single coming out in november. i am thrilled.

i also really like lemar. i am a sucker for british singers i guess :) he has a classic r & b sound and the man can sing. he's also a songwriter and he has a new single out and a new album out in november.

anyhoo- here are two songs i really like- it isn't easy to get embeddable vids and there are a few that i can't even watch because of country location. weird. anyhoo-

it's not that easy

if there's any justice

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