Sunday, September 07, 2008

when denial becomes surreal

i have no idea what to make of this post- other than these folks are perhaps delusional. first, they applied for a permit to have a picnic. then, they sat around singing 'this land is your land' and dreaming of neighborliness and normalcy. stop smoking weed folks. those days are now over. they have been stomped out by the jackboots of your neighbors.


an average patriot said...

I am commenting here right now as I am using the story you sent m. It made total sense out of what is happening but the article missed it. I wanted to credit you so here I am. Take care, I am putting this together!

Brother Tim said...

This is all 'Kumbaya BS', Betmo, it won't solve a thing.

Although Wally and I, as you know, are pacifists, I must admit that the only solution...... is violent revolution. It's the only language these *sswipes understand.

an average patriot said...

You got it Brother! Anarchy, total anarchy! What a future Bush must be proud of himself!

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Given the choice between smokin` weed, or marching off to war, on behalf of Bush, God, or Sarah "McCain-Palin" I`d rather smoke weed.
Of course, if my neighbours started wearing jackboots, I`d probably dust off my sledgehammer, sharpen my sickle, and sing a few comradely songs, whilst marching to the front.

landsker said...

Actually Betmo, after a sandwich, and a cup of tea, the idea of confrontation with the jackbooted ones is rather unappealing.
Maybe the pot-smoking "folksingers" have got the right idea, simply in refusing to participate in the (armed) agenda of the elite, they thus simultaneously deflect and refute the hollow argument of the "gunslingers".
Without weapons, governments would have to resort to democracy and tact!

SadButTrue said...

It's one of those days that I feel like expressing myself in quotes.

"By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes."
-- Macbeth, Act IV, Scene 1

(for Brother Tim)
"I do believe that where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence I would advise violence.. ..But I believe that non-violence is infinitely superior to violence."
-- Mohandas Gandhi

"What the founders intended was for ordinary Americans, ordinary people to assume the patriot's task and lead the fight to restore democracy, and to see themselves as leaders." -- Naomi Wolf

Just be careful out there.

an average patriot said...

sad but true!
It is going to come to violence and it will be up to average citizens once again. Question is how bad will it get before people realize what has been done to our America? And remember total war instigated by Bush will be going on at the same time!

Brother Tim said...

Ahhhhhh, Gandhi......

Wisdom as enduring as time itself.