Wednesday, September 17, 2008

when can we start prosecuting?

glenn greenwald

"At this point, it is extremely easy to understand why not only the White House and Congressional Republicans, but also the Democratic leadership, was so eager to ensure that this law-breaking remain concealed from the public and that there are never any consequences for it. It's because, as is true for so much of the Bush radicalism and lawbreaking over the years, top Democrats were fully aware of what was taking place and either explicitly endorsed the lawbreaking or, with full complicity, allowed it to continue."


an average patriot said...

I can only shake my head! Except for Wexler and a couple of others the entire Democratic party is complicit. They are facilitating all of this and have done nothing to let the public know what Bush has been doing or attempted to stop him. I am convinced that if they can not steal this election too Executive order #51 will be implemented giving Bush total Dictatorial control!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"when can we start prosecuting?"
I fear it'll be a while. This is what I've been railing about, and taken considerable flack on. Dems helped put us in this situation. It is insane to expect them to help us out of it!! I don't hate the fuckers because they're Democrats. I hate them because they helped destroy my nation!

People are prone to say "except for this congressmen, that congresswoman...." Unless they just joined Congress in the last five minutes, it's pretty hard for them to say they didn't know what was going on. Where were all these "last bastions of truth" two years ago? Four years? Six? Eight? Because they voted against a particular bill doesn't mean they didn't know of the corruption and coziness of the two parties. It's "Congress", for God's sake! The place where others know when you take a shit, how long, how much...and yes, what party it is.

WeezieLou said...

my prosecuting focus right now is on sarah palin and "trooper-gate". we GOTTA bust this woman's appeal. not to mention save the moose's

Dave Dubya said...

Too bad the Constitution is "off the table".