Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i got nothing

i don't know that there is anything left to say. i mean what can rational people say when there are so very many millions of people willing to vote for the same people who have caused the economy to tank? people who have pledged to continue eroding civil liberties and torturing people? what can you say when these people point to obama and call him an elitist because he has more money than the average middle class american- but says nothing about palin putting a tanning bed in the governor's mansion- allegedly at her own expense?

i mean is it me? am i the only one who stands by and watches the debacle that is america slowly implode- and wonders wtf? i am no closer to understanding how people in this country can be so (i'll be kind) naive and trusting. it's embarrassing. why are so many people still taking what the politicians and the government say at their word? how many lies have to be told before people finally get their collective heads out of their asses and question everything?

people trust the government. how? why? because they are lazy and fearful of change? the fact that this (s)election farce has been going on and on for 2 years is a testament to how very stupid the politicians believe us to be- and how stupid we truly are. the fact that anyone is still taking mccain and palin- or any republican- at their word and moving forward like they have anything relevant to say- is mind boggling to me. the fact that the polls are telling me that this race is close- tells me that rightwing americans are stupid and/or the polls are skewed and lying.

it is simply staggering to me. i sit and just shake my head- and hence no posting of any substance. what more can i say?


fjb said...

My sentiments exactly.

annie said...

there are no words, sometimes.

Dave Dubya said...

Words fail when America has become a cross carrying the flag.