Friday, September 19, 2008

shocking and aweing us again

i haven't had a full cuppa yet- so this is raw. if you have read 'the shock doctrine'- are you putting some of the puzzle pieces together with the massive failure of our economic system and the consolidation that is going on? it just seems to me to be quite a bit of anti-trust merging and purchasing going on- and that's what worries me. all of the world's money in the hands of a few corporates- many of them american. bear-stearns, 11 failed banks nationally so far, lehman bros, aig, and now morgan stanley is talking merger with wachovia. these are off the top of my head- i am sure there are more- and multi nationally too. britain's system is going through a similar time.

i hope i am not right- but i got a bad feeling about this.

update: apparently, not communicating is more and better- i leave you to draw your own conclusions- especially when you are dana perrino


Brother Tim said...

I've got a bad feeling too. I KNOW you're right about this.

Brother Tim said...

Ohhh, and as for the greatest transfer of wealth in history; not only are they stripping the treasury, they're borrowing $billions more from China (which our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be put into servitude for), and guess what? They still get to keep all the poor suckers houses.

Can you say, 'OBSCENE'????