Friday, September 19, 2008

genetically modified foods run amok

politics are politics but food and water are basic necessities of life. even that's being taken away from us by big corporates.

it's a lawless land when it comes to containing gm


an average patriot said...

You have proven to be a pleasant surprise and are bucking the trend I see in many Bloggers.
It really annoys me that GM foods to my knowledge do not have to be identified. If they are not a danger they should be marked. You know they are not only to protect the Monsanto's of the Nation.
I am concerned about the GM seeds affecting and changing the time proven natural stock of the world.
The saving grace to me and the reason I am not totally concerned is the worlds doomsday vaults where they preserve our natural time proven seeds for the future!

Brother Tim said...

As I don my geneticly modified tin-foil hat, let me just say, this could well be a contributing factor to all the allergies, cancers, and behavioral ailments plagueing the world today.