Wednesday, September 10, 2008

if you don't already...

put mark morford in your weekly reads.

"It's a rather sickening marketing ploy, made even more contemptible by McCain's choice of VP, not someone of sharp political acumen who will challenge his decisions and offer insight and inspire confidence, but Sarah Palin, former mayor of a piddling, eyeblink of a pee-stop town in rural Nowheresville, a shrill woman of zero political accomplishment clearly brought on board to lure both confused white women and the hard evangelical right, a minor state governor who thinks Creationism is dandy and who just got her first passport in 2007 and who would happily pass a law to force your daughter to have the baby if she'd been raped. Charming.

Truly, Palin is that most dangerous of self-aggrandizing right-wing politico, a potentially very powerful woman full of moxie and nerve and intensely intolerant, extremist views who actually hates women. Really, you can't get much more Republican than that."


dawn said...

B left you a comment on my blog, hey is the squirrel an ode to my Tyson!!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"who actually hates women."

Us Edge U Cratered folks call that Miss Oh Ginny, don't we?:)